Lent: Catholic Diocese in South Sudan Reflecting on Life, Livelihoods Sustainability

The launch of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambia (CDTY) 2024 Lenten Campaign. Credit: CDTY

The people of God in South Sudan’s Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambia (CDTY) have been called upon to reflect on what each one of them needs to do for the sustainability of life and livelihoods during the Lenten Season this year.

The Director of the Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CODEP), the social wing of CDTY, provided details of the call during the launch of the CDTY 2024 Lenten campaign, to be realized under the theme, “Sustain Life, Sustainable Livelihood and Safeguard Water through Care of Environment”.

“The campaign invites everyone to become catalysts for a positive change approach, emphasizing the collective responsibility to attain a sustainable livelihood,” Fr. Charles Mbikoyo said during the February 16 event that was held at St. Mary Mother of God Parish of CDTY.

Credit: Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambia (CDTY)

The call is relevant because of the current situation of the world, Fr. Mbikoyo said.


He explained, “We are living in a world where peace is at stake. Today, matters of grave concern such as domination of the rich and powerful, climate emergency, arrogant capitalism, wars, and communal riots are resulting in increased marginalization, violence, poverty, and suffering in human life.”

Referring to the Holy Father’s 2022 Message for the 55th World Day of Peace, the member of the Clergy of CDTY said, “Pope Francis in his message offered the Church’s social doctrine as a compass to encourage a culture of care for peace in the world.”

Credit: Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambia (CDTY)

“Pope Francis has also been emphasizing working for the good of humanity and that there is no peace without a culture of care, hence claiming that humanity and peace are co-related,” he added.

The South Sudanese Catholic Priest noted that in the “current global situation where basic needs are compromised due to human arrogance and the climate crisis, the Lenten campaign takes on a renewed significance.”

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“It serves as a platform to promote peacebuilding by addressing the root causes of poverty and vulnerability. The interconnectedness of humanity and peace is underscored, emphasizing that there can be no peace without a genuine commitment to caring for one another,” Fr. Mbikoyo said during the February 16 event.

Credit: Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambia (CDTY)

He continued, “The theme holds significance in the current situation when the basic needs of the people are compromised due to human arrogance and the climate crisis.”

He went on to advocate for peacebuilding in South Sudan, saying it “can pave the way where everyone will have fair and equal access to justice and an atmosphere to live in security.”

Credit: Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambia (CDTY)


On his part, the Local Ordinary of CDTY, Bishop Edward Hiiboro Kussala, highlighted the traditional practices of Lent as prayer, fasting, and works of mercy, which he said are practiced “in preparation for the most solemn feast, Easter or the Resurrection of Christ from death.”

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