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Report: Over Past Decade, 170,000 Children Had Rights 'gravely violated'

The past decade saw troubling levels of violence against children, with some 45 children seeing their rights “gravely violated” each day during the 2010s, a new report from the United Nations said.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, Philippines. / Daniel Ibanez/CNA

Cardinal Tagle speaks of 'shock and sadness' at Philippines' suicide rates

In the wake of rising suicide rates in the Philippines, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle issued a Christmas statement expressing his shock at the trend and calling for cultural renewal.

Carolers gather outside Melbourne Assessment Prison on Christmas Eve, 2019 / John Macauley/CNA

Christmas Eve carolers for Cardinal Pell gathered at Melbourne prison

A group of local Catholics gathered outside Melbourne prison on Christmas Eve to sing carols for Cardinal George Pell, currently incarcerated in the facility, and to pray for him, as well as the other inmates and prison staff.


Mentors are key in program to get civilly married couples back to Church

When Mary Rose Verret first welcomed Douglas and Elizabeth into her home, Douglas’ boots squished with the sewage he worked with, and Elizabeth smelled of french fries from her fast food job. Douglas was also just a few years of out jail.

Cardinal George Pell / Alexey Gotovskiy / ACI Africa

African Clerics React to Cardinal Pell’s Upheld Conviction

African clerics have reacted to George Cardinal Pell’s upheld child sex abuse conviction through various statements shared with ACI Africa Wednesday.

A man receives an Ebola vaccine in Goma, DCR on July 15, 2019. Credit: Pamela Tulizo / AFP / Getty Images. /

Ebola outbreak in DRC an international health emergency, WHO declares

The nearly year-long Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has reached the level of an international health emergency, the World Health Organization declared yesterday.

Kenyan bishops prepare to meet with Pope Francis in Nairobi, Nov. 26, 2015. / Martha Calderon/CNA.

French Catholic university encourages African bishops in self-reflection

The Institut Catholique de Paris hosted a conference Tuesday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the leadership organization for Catholic bishops' conferences in Africa, at which the Church in Africa was invited to reflection on inculturation and its relationship with the Church in Europe.