“Help your students to attain good values”: Catholic Bishop in Tanzania to Teachers, Emphasizes Love

Bishop Henry Mchamungu. Credit: Archdiocese of Dar-es-Salaam

Bishop Henry Mchamungu has called upon Catholic school teachers in Tanzania to journey with their students in passing on good values, guided by the virtue of love.

In his Friday, March 22 homily at a seminar for Catholic School Teachers in the Catholic Archdiocese of Dar-es-Salaam, Bishop Mchamungudecried erosion of values in the society “because people have not been properly raised from childhood”.

“Use your position as a teacher to love and nurture your students. Help your students to attain good values,” the Auxiliary Bishop of Dar-es-Salaam Archdiocese during Holy Mass at St. Peter’sOysterbayCatholic Parish of the Tanzanian Archdiocese.

As teachers, he said, “you stay with students longer than they do with their parents. We ask you to help them grow well. Form them properly.”

“Let us give our children a good upbringing in various fields such as respect and obedience,” the Auxiliary Bishop of Dar-es-Salaam since his Episcopal Ordination in September 2021 said, and emphasized the need to orient learners to love work and embrace appropriate dress code.


He continued, “Good formation and upbringing know no religion. To be human, does not depend on religion.”

He went on to emphasize the need to foster the value of human dignity among learners, saying the society needs this value and that “teachers have a huge role to play in society. We nurture and train leaders. Let us not forget that we have a great contribution to make.”

“Show love to your students. You don't know what will become of your students in the future; do good to those you teach,” the Tanzanian-born Catholic Bishop told the teachers, and added, “You have to be a good teacher.”

He continued, “As teachers, society sees us differently than ordinary people. As a teacher, society has uplifted you and if society has elevated you to the top, your life must be an example to others; it must be exemplary.”

“It is good to protect our status,” the 59-year-old Catholic Bishop, who was appointed Auxiliary Bishop for Dar-es-Salaam alongside Bishop Stephano Musomba said.

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He emphasized, “Do not let your status go down and become the same as the average person in society; do not let people look down on you because you do not respect yourself.”

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