Catholic Archbishop in Angola Cautions against Exclusion of God in Daily Activities

Archbishop Filomeno do Nascimento Vieira Dias of Angola’s Luanda Archdiocese. Credit: Radio Ecclesia

Archbishop Filomeno do Nascimento Vieira Dias of Angola’s Luanda Archdiocese has cautioned Christians against excluding God in their daily activities.

In his Palm Sunday homily at the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Major Seminary in Luanda, Archbishop Dias highlighted the negative effects of not giving God the rightful place. 

“Where we exclude God, life ceases to be beautiful and loses its charm and beauty. Where we exclude God, our coexistence isn't better, it's worse; where we exclude God, life doesn't flourish and fraternity, solidarity have no space, no breath,” the Angolan Archbishop said.

He added, “Where we exclude God, life withers. Where we exclude God, life dies. Where we exclude God, there is no more light; there is darkness. The other person ceases to be a person; the father ceases to be a father; the neighbour, the colleague from school or work, the friend can radically become a stranger, an enemy, an adversary.’

“Those who think differently become the enemy to be fought, to be destroyed, not even the fundamental rights they sometimes have as citizens. They are excluded because they don't belong to my club,” Archbishop Dias said.


He continued, “Where we exclude God, we exclude the other. This is our ego, because we are kneeling, as I said before, in front of ourselves, worshiping ourselves, worshiping our ideas, our absolute convictions. There is no more light; there's no more space.”

The Archbishop of Luanda reminded the people of God under his pastoral care that Jesus is the “true ally” of the fullness of human life.   

“Let us never forget that the Lord Jesus whose Passion, Crucifixion and Death we remember today is the true ally of the beauty, joy, goodness and fullness of our lives; it was He and it is He who tells us,” he said.

The Local Ordinary of Luanda Archdiocese added in reference to Jesus Christ, “We need to make Him more and more the Lord of our lives, bearing witness to him with our lives and without shame.” 

“We ask for a threefold grace: to make Jesus ever more the Lord of our lives, never to be ashamed of him and to bear witness to him with our words and our lives, never to cast him out of our lives, so that it will never be night but always day,” the Angolan Catholic Archbishop implored.

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João Vissesse is an Angolan Journalist with a passion and rich experience in Catholic Church Communication and Media Apostolate.