“Dreams of Schooling”: Catholic Charity Foundation’s Education Program Improving Literacy for Mothers in Ivory Coast

Credit: Harambee Africa International (HAI)

Young mothers in Ivory Coast are some of the beneficiaries of an education project supported by Rome-based Harambee Africa International (HAI) to address illiteracy in the West African country.

The “Dreams of Schooling” initiative seeks to address the challenge of school dropout and learning delays in several villages around Yamoussoukro, the capital city of Ivory Coast.

This, HAI has announced, will offer a second educational chance to hundreds of children and adolescents, from seven to 15 years old. 

“Thanks to an approach based on personalized academic support and developmental activities such as music and painting, the project aims not only to improve the reading and writing skills of the young participants but also to instil valuable study habits and fundamental values for their future integration into society,” the Rome-based Catholic development entity says in a March 22 report.

The entity adds, “In addition to the focus on education, the initiative places special emphasis on hygiene training in schools and literacy for mothers, integrating income-generating activities that contribute to creating a sustainable and conducive learning environment.”


Particularly significant in the project is the focus on girls, who will gain the tools to advance in their studies and build a solid foundation of knowledge, HAI says, adding that the initiative includes the creation of a mobile library, which currently reaches beneficiaries in village squares.

The project also includes reading contests among different primary schools to stimulate interest and healthy competition among learners, with book prizes for the winning students and schools.

The project extends to several villages around Yamoussoukro, including Djahakro, N’gattakro, Toumbokro, and Ouffoué-diékro, with the aim of further expanding the activities to other municipalities.

The project, HAI notes, “represents a model of solidarity and community commitment, demonstrating how access to quality education and the development of vital skills can truly transform the lives of children and their families, bringing about positive and lasting change in society.”

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