In Easter Message of Hope, Spiritans in Kenya, South Sudan Invited to “embrace resurrection with confidence and courage”

Members of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Spiritans) in Kenya and South Sudan. Credit: Holy Ghost Fathers/Kenya

The Provincial Superior of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Spiritans) in Kenya and South Sudan has invited his confreres ministering in the two neighboring countries to welcome the event of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ “with confidence and courage”.

In his Easter Message that emphasizes hope seen by ACI Africa, Fr. Frederick Elima Wafula expresses his awareness of the challenges of life that his confreres in Kenya and South Sudan can be exposed to.

“Life can be tough, but we must face it with courage, just as Jesus did before His death,” Fr. Wafula says, and recalling Jesus’ predictions of His betrayal, denial, torture, death, and resurrection adds, “He talked about His passion and resurrection, saying,‘They will kill me but in three days I shall rise.’ His awareness of the resurrection gave Him hope and strength to endure the cross.”

The Nairobi-based Kenyan SpiritanProvincial Superior in the Congregation, whose members are also known as Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers highlights the importance of Easter as a source of “hope and strength”.

“As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, let us remember that His victory over death gives us hope and strength to face the challenges of life,” he says.


“Jesus' resurrection brought hope to His disciples, and it can do the same for us,” Fr. Wafula further says, and calls upon his confreres in Kenya and South Sudan to “believe in the power of this event to overcome fear and hopelessness.”

The joyful mood that characterizes the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ “does not discount Good Friday, but it outshines it, proving that even the most painful experiences can serve as a stepping stone to something more glorious,” he says.

The Spiritan Priest, who has been Provincial Superior in Kenya and South Sudan since March 1 following his appointment on February 9 goes on to underline the “virtue of hope”that he says is “the ultimate symbol” of the Easter event.

“The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate symbol of hope. It shows us that nothing is impossible for God, and everything can be achieved if we surrender ourselves to Him,” the native of Kenya’s Catholic Diocese of Kakamegatells his confreres.

He continues, “Hope is indeed a vital virtue, and it can help us walk out of the tomb of our past and ignore the ‘Good Fridays’ of pain, rejection, betrayal, and dehumanization.”

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Strengthened and assured by the reality of the victory of Jesus over death, Fr. Wafula says in his 2024 Easter Message, it is important that we believe that as followers of Christ, “our struggles and pain will always lead us to victory, unlimited joy, and greater hope.”

“We must trust in the unstoppable power of the resurrection and surrender ourselves to God to achieve success in our daily struggles and in our ministry,” the Spiritan Provincial Superior in Kenya and South Sudan says, and emphasizes, “Let us embrace the resurrection with confidence and courage.”

He implores, “May this Easter bring us hope and the strength we need to overcome all our fears.”

“May the Peace of Christ remain with all of us both now and forever. Amen,” Fr. Wafula further implores.

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