In Easter Message, Catholic Bishop in Ivory Coast Cautions Christians against “superficiality”

Bishop Joseph Kakou Aka of Ivory Coasts’ Catholic Diocese of Yamoussoukro. Credit: Catholic Diocese of Yamoussoukro

Bishop Joseph Kacou Aka of Ivory Coasts’ Catholic Diocese of Yamoussoukro has cautioned Christians against the tendency to chase after worldly satisfactions, remaining in what he described as “the superficiality of things”.

In his 2024 Easter Message shared with ACI Africa, Bishop Aka says, “It's impossible to reclaim the Christian meaning of our lives and what it commits us to every day and every moment, if we remain in the superficiality of things; if we are men and women of the outside world; if our lives consist essentially of chasing after worldliness and ephemeral joys.”

“The resurrection of Jesus, towards which we are marching and which is the horizon of the Lenten season and of our conversion efforts, is the place of man's new creation,” he further says, and adds, “It is here that a new dimension emerges in us, and that our life is renewed in its most restless places and in its darkest desires.”

In the resurrection of Jesus, the Ivorian Catholic Bishops says his Easter Message shared with ACI Africa on March 27, the love of God “takes on its truest and most authentic meaning, because it is there that God's love becomes victorious over sin and enables us to love as God has loved us all.” 

The Local Ordinary of Yamoussoukro since hisEpiscopal Consecration in February 2023 says that it is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ “that our humanity, so fragile, can finally aspire to the grace of holiness.”


“It is in this great mystery that our lives are illuminated by a new light, so that sin is no longer a fatality, so that loving is our reason for being and living, as Saint Thérèse of Lisieux would say, and so that our desire to live with God and to live from God is fulfilled by the loving closeness of the Risen One,” he adds.

Bishop Aka goes on to encourage hope. He says, “In hope, let us walk courageously towards the resurrection of Jesus, redoubling our efforts, with the support and grace of the Holy Spirit.”

“Let us not be afraid; what sin has led us to do can be repaired in the grace of the Cross, if we are sincere in regretting our faults and if we accept to be recreated in the mystery of Christ, for where sin has abounded, grace has overflowed,” Bishop Aka says, referring to Romans 5:20.

He implores, “May the Lord give us the grace of true, active charity. May Mary, Our Lady of the Church, and St. Augustine, our Patron Saint, assist us always and everywhere, and lead us to sing with them, at Easter, our song of Love and Victory, which is ALLÉLUIA!”

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