Celebrating Easter Marked by Realizing “new bridges in the relationship between people”: Catholic Bishop in Angola

Bishop Firmino David of Angola’s Catholic Diocese of Sumbe. Credit: Radio Ecclesia

Bishop Firmino David of Angola’s Catholic Diocese of Sumbe has highlighted the symbol of light as important during the Easter Season, and said that celebrating the risen Lord is about the fostering of good relationships. 

“The resurrection of Jesus Christ teaches us to walk towards the explorer of light. To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ is to build new bridges in the relationship between people,” Bishop Firmino said in his homily during Easter Sunday Mass at Our Lady of the Conception Cathedral of his Episcopal See. 

He added, “Jesus' resurrection goes beyond mathematical logic and laboratory experiences. At the cross, we must also reframe the question of the meaning of suffering.”

To highlight the suffering in his jurisdiction, the Angolan Catholic Bishop said, “Sumbe is wounded by injustice and people's bad language. Injustice and bad language are practices that harm good social coexistence in the city of Sumbe.”

The 61-year-old Catholic Bishop, who started his Episcopal Ministry last July following his appointment on 4 May 2023 lamented, “If Jesus died so that everyone could have a life, those who have programmed what is called euthanasia so that the other person dies first, should also review their pages.”


“Let's change them too. Because it's Easter and Easter is really about changing our lives,” Bishop Firmino said during his March 31 homily.

He further appealed for solidarity with those affected by floods in the Southern African nation, saying, “Let's think of those families who, because of the rains, are leaving their homes in search of better living conditions; those elderly people who died in their homes while trying to rest, only to have their lives taken away by the water and other situations.”

“These families need our support and prayers this Easter,” the Angolan Catholic Church leader said.

João Vissesse is an Angolan Journalist with a passion and rich experience in Catholic Church Communication and Media Apostolate.