Catholic Activists Petition Eviction of Group Promoting “a massacre of Nigeria's pre-born babies”

Credit: CitizenGo Africa

The International Planned Parenthood Affiliated Services (IPAS) is working relentlessly to promote abortion in Nigeria, CitizenGo Africa has said, and called on the nation’s Health Minister to throw out the American abortionist group from the country. 

In a Wednesday, April 17 petition, officials of the Catholic activist entity say, “IPAS has long overrun Africa with intentions of toppling pro-life laws. They cloak their dark intentions behind their advocacy of abortion and contraception for teenagers, leading local decision-makers astray with their massive funding.”

“IPAS continues undeterred, plotting their next move to advance their objective—a massacre of Nigeria's pre-born babies,” they say.

They say the American organization “has been working covertly, spreading ideologies that directly contradict Nigeria’s national norms.”

IPAS is “not only disrespecting Nigerian laws but also endangering their children's lives,” CitizenGo Africa officials say and add that the American entity remains unbothered by the law which classifies abortion as murder that attracts a 14-year jail term. 


“This does not bother the cultural imperialists -IPAS- as they are used to breaking the law and using their deep pockets to sneak in their agenda,” they say. 

The Catholic activists ask Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Muhammad Ali Pate, to expel IPAS from Nigeria and arrest its officials for breaking Nigerian laws.

“We demand immediate action. It's time for IPAS to leave Nigeria. Their operations here, against our laws and values, have been tolerated for far too long. Terminate IPAS's ability to operate in Nigeria,” they say in the petition addressed to the Minister. 

 They add, “We appeal for the arrest and deportation of IPAS officials. They have overstayed their welcome. Let Nigeria stand tall, free from intrusive foreign influences.”

“The wait-and-see approach won't work anymore. Act now; let's preserve Nigeria's pro-life laws and values,” they say, and add, “Don't let IPAS taint Nigeria's pro-life stance. It's time to stop this cultural invasion, carried out under the guise of "saving Nigeria,” the Catholic activists say.

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CitizenGo Africa officials say IPAS’ operations put the lives of Nigerian children on the line.

“IPAS is guilty of promoting illegal activities. Their persistent disregard for our laws leads to horrific consequences, costing young Nigerian lives.

The activists call for signatures in support of stopping IPAS activities in the West African country saying, “Without our swift action, IPAS will continue their dreadful campaign, but with our combined efforts, we can oust these masked murderers once and for all.”

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