“Society must feel your presence”: Bishop Urges Latest Catholic University of Angola Graduates to Be Productive

Credit: Catholic University of Angola (UCAN)

Bishop Maurício Agostinho Camuto of Angola’s Caxito Diocese has urged the latest graduates from the Catholic University of Angola (UCAN) to commit themselves for good of the Angolan society, always striving to be productive.

In his address at the Thursday, April 18 Convocation ceremony, Bishop Camuto told the 461 graduands that the Angolan society was counting on them to bring about the positive change that the Southern African nation needs.

“Your long years of study must be reflected in your commitment for the good of society. Society must feel your presence on the job market, in various public and private institutions,” he said during the event that was held at UCAN campus in Luanda.

The Angolan Catholic Bishop added, “Catholic University students must produce different and quality fruit; fruit that makes a difference because they have received the foundations to do so.”

“We want a new society, and we can only achieve this with new men, renewed men, intellectually, morally and spiritually, and this new man is you. Society is counting on you,” he emphasized.


The Angolan-born member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Spiritans/Holy Ghost Fathers) called upon the new graduates to foster fraternity.

He said, “Today you are invited to bring love to your brothers and sisters. It is through this love that you will make your skills and competences acquired during your years of training at the University shine.”

“Show the world and our society that you are these new men and women on whom Angola can count to renew itself and set out on the path of progress and development with new procedures, new ways of doing and acting, leaving behind the old man, marked by corruption, indifference, nepotism, and other practices that slow down our pace towards progress and the well-being of our people,” he emphasized.

The Spiritan Bishop, who has been at the helm of Caxito Diocese since his Episcopal Consecration in August 2020 highlighted altruism as important in witnessing, saying, “To put your life at the service of others is to bear witness to your faith and your adherence to the Lord.”

He continued, “loving is not a theory; it's not a nice speech. Loving must be translated into concrete actions in favor of our brothers and sisters, and in particular the most disadvantaged brothers and sisters. It means putting your life at the service of others.”

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“During your years of tertiary education at the Catholic University, you were prepared to be the new gems for the new Angola, the Angola that we all long for in our hearts. You have been cut, polished and crafted to shine in society through your good works, which are full of skills, wisdom and ethics. Values that are sadly lacking in our society today,” Bishop Camuto said.

He added, “May your certificates not make you vain or proud to the point of despising the little ones, the very ones who were dear to Christ, the poor, the ignorant, those who have not had your lot, the marginalized, those who have no voice or place.”

“Always have Christ as your point of reference and model for action,” the 60-year-old Catholic Church leader emphasized during his April 18 address at the Convocation ceremony at UCAN campus, Luanda.

João Vissesse is an Angolan Journalist with a passion and rich experience in Catholic Church Communication and Media Apostolate.