We’ll Participate in “alleviating the challenges” Christians Face: Knights Official in Katsina Catholic Diocese, Nigeria

Newly initiated Members of the Knights of St. John International of Nigeria's Katsina Diocese in a group photograph with Bishop Gerald Mamman Musa. Credit: Catholic Diocese of katsina

An official of the Knights of St. John’s International (KSJI) in Nigeria’s Catholic Diocese of Katsina has pledged to have members of the Roman Catholic Union guided by the adage “In unity there is strength” in the Nigerian Diocese participate in addressing the challenges the people of God face.

Speaking to ACI Africa on the sidelines of the Thanksgiving Mass for newly initiated Brothers and Sisters of Commandery 667 Funtua, the Grand President, Kaduna Grand Commandery, Noble (Brig. Gen.) Augustine Odoemelam, lauded the Local Ordinary of Katsina, the Diocese erected last October, for contributing to the growth of Christian faith among the people.

The Knights of St. John International, Augustine said, will “contribute to alleviating the challenges being faced by Christians in this diocese.”

Responding to the appeal that Bishop Gerald Mamman Musa had made in his homily to have members of the Knights of St. John identify gaps in the evangelization ministry, which they can fill, Augustine pledged to spearhead active participation of his colleagues in the growth of the Nigerian Diocese that was erected on 16 October 2023

“I assure you that the knights of St. John International will identify a project as her contribution to the development of the diocese,” he said during the Monday, April 29 interview with ACI Africa.


Augustine went on to acknowledge with appreciation the efforts the Local Ordinary, Bishop Gerald Mamman Musa, is making among the people of God, saying, “We have seen that the faith of the people is growing with over 80% of the faithful being communicants.

“I want to urge them not to backslide but keep the faith strong in the Diocese,” the officials of the Knights of St. John in Katsina Diocese said, referring to the Laity.

In his homily during the April 29 celebration, Bishop Musa emphasized the need for all Christians to participate in the spreading of the Gospel.

“All Christians have a common vocation which is to live and share the gospel,” he said during the Eucharistic celebration at St. Martin de Porres Cathedral of Katsina Diocese.

He added, “Be agents of evangelisation in your families, work place, society and your respective Christian communities.” 

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According to the pioneer Bishop of Katsina Diocese, “the most effective method of evangelization today is not about carrying the bible and going from door to door to preach the gospel, but rather living an exemplary life.”

“You do not have to study philosophy, Christology, canon law, theology or spirituality to be able to share the word of God,” he emphasized, and continued, “One of the most effective methods of conveying the reasons for meeting Jesus is by sharing our personal experiences and narratives.” 

“This vocation, stemming from their baptism, is to spread the message of Christ's life, death, and resurrection, sharing how God is actively shaping their own lives,” the Local Ordinary of Katsina Diocese since last December said during the April 29 Thanksgiving Mass for newly initiated Brothers and Sisters of Commandery 667 Funtua, the Grand President, Kaduna Grand Commandery.

He called upon members of the Knights “to respond more eagerly to the great commission in which Jesus charged his disciples: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

“I will want the knights to discuss and decide on the areas where they wish to support the work of evangelisation and how they plan to do it,” the 53-year-old Nigerian Catholic Bishop said. 


He went on to highlight the areas the knights can choose from including “faith formation (catechesis), which is improving how we teach the bible and catechism in the church; reaching out to families and helping families to practice their faith amid the challenges of life.”

Other areas, Bishop Musa said, include “helping the people who are displaced by insecurity and banditry; supporting the education of the poorest of the poor; supporting the religious education of children in primary and secondary school.”

Abah Anthony John contributed to the writing of this story

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