In New Book, Cameroonian Catholic Priest Links “remarkable story” of His Life to “enduring power of divine timing”

In a new book, a Cameroonian Catholic Priest has recounted his life experiences and challenged young people in the Central African nation to foster patience as an essential virtue.

In the 291-page book published under the title, “God’s Time is the Best”, Fr. Beltus Asanji Tabefor connects the story of his life to “the enduring power of divine timing.”

In an interview with ACI Africa, Fr. Asanji described his new book as “a celebration of the remarkable story within my own story.”

“My journey began on the 22nd of September 1984, born prematurely to a mother whose unwavering love and determination saw her son through the fragile early days, sustained only by the tender care of an incubator and nourishing milk,” he said during the May 10 interview.

The member of the Clergy of Cameroon’s Catholic Archdiocese of Bamenda went on to pose, “The million-dollar question lingers: why did I brave the odds?”


“The resolute answer reverberates in the very fabric of my being, for it is within God’s time that miracles unfold,” he responded, adding that at the age of 12, “I stood alongside my beloved siblings, victorious over a deadly poison.”

“Today, as I stand before you, I recount this tale with unwavering gratitude and joy, for in every moment, God’s Time has proven to be the best,” Fr. Asanji shared with ACI Africa. 

He continued, “In the days leading up to my Ordinary Levels examination, I embarked on a transformative journey, a path that many believed I would not return from. After two days in a coma, I awoke with an unshakable proclamation on my lips: God’s Time is the best.”

As a Priest, the Assistant Parish of Our Lady of Mercy Quasi Parish of Bamenda Archdiocese went on to say, “I not only endured but triumphed over the relentless storm of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.”

“What else can I say but to express profound gratitude for the unwavering grace that has guided me through every trial and triumph,” he told ACI Africa during the May 10 interview.

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Fr. Asanji said his new book contains lessons for young people. He said, “Inspired by these profound events, I am compelled to pen these words not merely as a recounting of my experiences or some kind of documentation but as a heartfelt exhortation to the vibrant youths of our generation,”

“In their fervent quest for immediate gratification, I implore them to embrace the divine law of process, for it is within this journey of time and growth that God's purpose finds its ultimate fulfillment,” he said referring to lessons from his 11-Chapter book.

The Cameroonian Catholic Priest cautioned youths against hastiness and impatience, saying, “Be not in haste, but embrace the virtue of patience, for within the symphony of existence, every note has been meticulously ordered into His timing.”

“As I celebrate five remarkable years as a Priest, I have borne witness to the myriad challenges encompassing my pastoral ministry. It is this life, intertwined with the experiences of a Priest, that has inspired me to pen these words,” he said.

“It is my ardent wish that as you traverse the pages of this timeless classic, ‘God’s Time is the Best,’ you will discover your rightful place within the sacred chronicles of God's calendar, for His Time is eternally the Best,” Fr. Asanji said about his new book that is available on Amazon at US$16.40.


Jude Atemanke is a Cameroonian journalist with a passion for Catholic Church communication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea in Cameroon. Currently, Jude serves as a journalist for ACI Africa.