“Think of welfare of Kenyans, desist from selfish politics”: Kenyan Archbishop

Archbishop Anthony Muheria of Kenya’s Nyeri Archdiocese.

A Kenyan Archbishop has expressed his concerns about politicians in the East African nation who are engaging in political rhetoric at a time when all leaders are expected to be focused on initiatives to curb the possible spread of COVID-19.  

“We urge them (political leaders) to think of the welfare of Kenyans, focus on the crisis, and desist from selfish politics that only seeks their own popularity and benefit. The politics of personal benefits gives space to corruption and the exploitation of situations!” Archbishop Anthony Muheria of Kenya’s Nyeri Archdiocese stated Tuesday, May 19 on Facebook.

In an accompanying video message, Archbishop Muheria said, “These moments of COVID-19 are moments, which cause great anxiety amongst our people. We are inviting you all to help us gel, unite and feel like one family in solidarity.”

In the 3.17-minute video message, the Opus Dei Prelate cautions Kenyan leaders against offering help to those in need with an ulterior motive saying, “this help that we make should not be for our personal gain but rather for the well-being of our brothers and sisters and to forge a true nation.”

Referencing politicians who are already engaging in politics in view of the general elections scheduled for 2022,  the 57-year-old Kenyan Prelate advises the politicians to be respectful in their engagements because “politics is meant for happiness and peace and not for hatred and for a lot of difficulties that strife brings to us.”


“It is our appeal all of us, all God fearing people that the relations amongst you leaders and especially our elected leaders, be a relation of respect; be a relation that gels and gives us hope that (when) we look upon you, we will be able to respect you for who you are, for what you say and for what you give as an example to our nation,” the Archbishop says.

He continues in reference to elected leaders in Kenya, “We are asking and pleading with you that a Christian sense maybe seen in your talking, in your acing and especially in your leadership as you walk us towards a better time for our nation.”

“Our dear leaders, God counts on you, God expects you to correspond and we will also hold you accountable for the moments we are living,” Archbishop Muheria who is also the Chairman of the Commission for Pastoral and Lay Apostolate at the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) says, addressing himself to politicians in Kenya.

“It is possible to have true Christian and honest leaders,” the Archbishop says.