Cape Town 2019 Pilgrimage of Trust: “opportunity to live out fraternity” in South Africa

Toward Cape Town 2019 Pilgrimage of Trust organized by Taizé ecumenical Community.

The upcoming Cape Town 2019 Pilgrimage of Trust has been termed “an opportunity to live out fraternity” in South Africa where recent xenophobic attacks have seen some African countries repatriate their citizens.

“After the outburst of xenophobic violence which struck our country at the beginning of the month we are grateful to have this opportunity to live out fraternity and reconciliation with young people and representatives from all over Africa and beyond,” one of the pilgrimage organizers, Cindy, has stated in a press release sent to ACI Africa Tuesday.

France-based ecumenical Community of Taizé has organized a pilgrimage of 2000 youths drawn from Africa and Europe who will participate in a series of activities meant to help them encounter God as well as each other through prayer, communal work, and Bible study. 

Among the pilgrims expected, 80 are from several European countries, 400 from twenty different African countries apart from South Africa, the host country from where 1,820 will take part in the five-day activities.

The pilgrimage is set to start on Wednesday, September 25 and will see the pilgrims participate in “three daily common prayers, meetings with people of hope during the morning session in the host communities and elective workshops in the afternoon at the central venue.”


“We want to give young adults an opportunity to bear witness to peace,” Cindy who belongs to Pinelands group of churches expressed in the press release announcing next week’s pilgrimage.

In the spirit of fraternity, pilgrims will be accommodated in some 51 host centres comprising local churches and family homes.

“We are welcoming the first pilgrims on the 18th (Wednesday) ... Families and local churches are set to show hospitality and share their hope,” French-born Br. Luc of Taizé community who is part of the team spearheading the pilgrimage told ACI Africa.

Being an ecumenical gathering, Archbishop Stephen Brislin of Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Town will attend the opening prayer at the launch of the pilgrimage while Archbishop Thabo Magkoba of the Anglican Archdiocese of Cape Town will attend the closing prayer on Saturday September 28.

This is the second time South Africa is hosting the pilgrimage. The first time was in 1995.

More in Africa

Other African countries that have hosted the event include Kenya (2008), Rwanda (2012) and Benin (2016).

The Community of Taize was founded in 1940 by the late Brother Roger Schütz, a Swiss protestant passionate about the youth and ecumenism.

 Today, the community has more than 100 brothers drawn from over 25 countries and from both Catholic and Protestant churches.