“We need to run to Mary for Protection” amid COVID-19: Ghanaian Cleric at Marian Rally

The flyer for the 2020 Marian Rally organized by the 14th District Commandery and District 3 Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights and Ladies Auxiliary of St. John International, Accra East Grand on May 30, 2020 at the St. Francis of Assisi parish, Ashaley Botwe, Accra to conclude the Rosary Month of May.

As Catholics across the globe joined Pope Francis Saturday, May 30 to pray the holy rosary to conclude the liturgical month of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Cleric in Ghana has urged Catholics to pray for Mary’s intercession for an end to COVID-19 pandemic in the West African nation and in the whole world.

“We have to run to our Mother Mary through the intensive praying of the Rosary, which is the greatest Marian Prayer,” Fr. Nimorious Kwabena Domanzing said, describing the holy rosary as “an efficacious prayer” and that “many people have testified to having benefited by praying the rosary.”

Speaking during the virtual Marian Rally Saturday, May 30 at St. Francis of Assisi parish, in Ghana’s capital Accra, the member of the Society of African Missions (SMA) noted that the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary “is a wake-up call for us that in the midst of COVID-19, we need to intensify our prayers by constantly praying the rosary every day for Mary’s intercession.”

Fr. Nimorious who is the parish priest of St. Francis of Assisi also highlighted some of the benefits Christians can obtain from reciting the rosary.

“One obtains interior peace; another obtains unity in the family; another is healed of an illness; another is able to resist temptation; another finds a home; another is able to find employment; another obtains spiritual progress; another has her children return to God; (and) another finds solutions to her problems – all because of praying the Rosary,” the Ghanaian-born Religious Cleric said.


The evening of Saturday, May 30, Pope Francis was joined by 50 shrines in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa as he implored God’s help amid the coronavirus pandemic. Seated before the Lourdes Grotto in the Vatican Gardens, the Holy Father asked for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for an end to COVID-19, which has so far claimed more than 365,000 lives.

The Holy Father implored Mary to help the world grow in solidarity, firmness in faith, and perseverance in service and prayer.

The virtual Marian Rally in Ghana was organized in communion with Pope Francis under the theme, “Why pray the Rosary.”

Reflecting on the theme of the event, Fr. Nimorious called on Catholics to endeavor to walk in the footsteps of Mary and model their lives on her.

He said praying the rosary “is not just biblical but Christological and Trinitarian,” advising the faithful “not to cease praying the rosary but make it part of their daily lives.”

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“Another principal quality of the rosary is that it is a Christ-centered or if you like a Christological prayer. The rosary is centered first and foremost on the person and life of Christ and His redemption of humanity,” he said, adding that “It is a Christological Prayer because it dwells on the birth, manifestation, suffering, death, resurrection and glorification of Christ.”

Referencing Pope Paul VI, Fr. Nimorious said, “The prayerful repetition of the Hail Mary makes up an unceasing praise of Christ who is the ultimate object of both the angel`s announcement and the greeting of Elisabeth.”   

“The rosary is a beautiful combination of vocal prayer and meditation that centers first of all on the greatest Gospel mysteries in the life of Jesus Christ and secondly on the life of Mary his mother,” the Ghanaian Cleric said and continued, “It is a prayer based on the incarnation of the Word that became flesh and dwells amongst us.”

He further said that far more than a chain of beads as many people see it to be, “the rosary is a prayer that serves to incorporate both body and soul into spiritual communion with our Lord, hence the Rosary is the greatest Marian prayer.”

Touching on the Trinitarian prayer of the rosary, he said, “Besides repeating the Lord`s Prayer and the Glory be to God, it recalls the Annunciation that brought the Father`s Message to Mary, the coming of the Holy Spirit upon her, and her becoming the mother of the Son who became man.”


He added, “Here we remember Mary in her relationship with the three Divine Persons and us. Remembering the Holy Trinity in such a special way has a purifying and sanctifying effect on all who pray the rosary.”