Catholic Journalists in South Sudan to Benefit from Newly Launched Peace Center

AMDISS Peace Centre in South Sudan.

Catholic journalists in the world’s newest nation will benefit from the Peace Center for Journalists and Media Practitioners launched Wednesday, July 1 by the Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

According to the country’s Director for Catholic Radio Network (CRN), who also doubles as the Chairperson for AMDISS, the newly launched peace center will provide an interactive avenue for Catholic communicators to share with colleagues and benefit from their journalistic skills.

“The Peace Center is providing a chance for our Catholic Radio Network journalists to be going and interacting with other journalists from other media houses, which are members of AMDISS,” the association’s Chairperson, Mary Ajith told ACI Africa Thursday, July 2.

She said, “Unlike when we (CRN) work independently, in our media houses where we don’t have a place to come together, the peace center has that space of bringing together journalists, the independent journalists, freelance journalists and those who work in the media houses.”

She added, “The journalists will have a chance to sit together, share their stories, share their knowledge, and also have time to talk about peace building, which is an important topic in this country.” 


CRN, a project of the Catholic Bishops in South Sudan and Sudan, has been, together with other media houses in South Sudan, a member of AMDISS since 2006, an association that has “the cardinal aim of building professional journalism.”

Editors and owners of the leading media outlets in South Sudan formed the AMDISS in 2003.

Besides being a media advocacy organization, AMDISS “has evolved to run various media training programs and the Centre is a hub for many media activities in South Sudan,” the association’s leadership stated Wednesday, July 1 in a press release.

Ms. Ajith said that before the establishment of the Peace Centre, Catholic Radio stations under CRN have been receiving a lot of trainers from AMDISS who go to the ground and help journalists to produce radio programs on peace building messages.

“The peace center is to wake up the journalists and remind them their role in peacebuilding in South Sudan,” the leader of AMDISS said, and added, “Most of the times journalists have thought that articles on peace don’t sell, so they have been focusing on conflict because such stories sell easily.”

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Apart from the focus to undertake peace journalism training with CRN and other media entities in South Sudan, AMDISS, according to Ms. Ajith, has been providing a safety and protective role to journalists and media houses in the East-Central African country. 

Recalling the Association’s intervention, she said, “I remember when there were problems in Rumbek’s Good News Radio and other radio stations of CRN, the association came in strongly to advocate for safety and protection of our journalists.”