Online Videos Featuring Students “a sad illustration of the moral crisis”: Bishops in Togo

Members of the Episcopal Conference of Togo (CET).

Catholic Church leaders in Togo have, in a collective statement, expressed their concerns about the state of morality in their country, questioning the role of teachers and parents in the upbringing of children in the West African nation.

The Thursday, July 30 statement from the members of the Episcopal Conference of Togo (CET) follows online pornographic videos that emerged a couple of weeks ago featuring college students in the country’s capital,  Lomé, Togo Tribune reported July 13.

In their collective statement seen by ACI Africa, the members of CET condemn the actions of the alleged students and the publication of the pornographic videos on social media saying the practices are “a sad illustration” of the “moral crisis which is shaking the world and which does not spare our country.”

“We invite not only the students concerned but also parents, educators, religious leaders and various civil and public institutions to take seriously the threats faced by families, especially young people and children,” the Bishops say in their collective statement signed by CET’s Secretary General, Fr. Émile Segbedji.

They add, “Beyond the sanctions and reprobation which such actions give rise to, we ask that emphasis be laid on education, on the preservation of our human, cultural and Christian values.” 


CET members express their appreciation to the Togolese government for “their firmness in the face of pressure from international institutions which, in recent years, have tended to condition their aid and development projects on the adoption of questionable policies of sexual orientation and promotion of homosexuality.”

“We urge them to continue their struggle to defend the fundamental values on which any society is based,” the Prelates add in reference to the leadership of the West African country.

The Bishops advocate for the safeguarding of African values “against the onslaught of policies that endanger our families” describing the values as “precious heritage.”