Reality of Witchcraft, Place of Faith in Healing among Highlights at Scholars’ Conference

Main entrance to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Gaba Campus, Eldoret, Kenya

The reality of witchcraft in Africa and the place of faith in healing were among the highlights of the just concluded conference that brought together African scholars to present thematic studies at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa’s (CUEA) Gaba Campus in Kenya’s city of Eldoret, the conference convener told ACI Africa. 

“Witchcraft is a pertinent issue, it is realistic,” Fr. Dr. Jordan Nyenyembe told ACI Africa in an exclusive interview.

Members through presentations came to know that we need to do more on witchcraft to enlighten (and) to engage our people in concrete situations that they live in not saying that witchcraft is something not realistic,” Fr. Nyenyembe explained referring to the insights gathered during the three-day conference that brought together scholars from Eastern Africa countries.

He also identified the place of faith in the healing ministry of the Church as a key highlight from the conference.

“Some Churches preach that only faith is enough for healing and this conference has reminded the people that not all kind of sickness will be healed by faith alone,” Tanzanian-born Fr. Nyenyembe told ACI Africa and added, “scientific and professional healing is also needed to complement.”


The conference also highlighted cultism problem realized by students in universities and colleges which needs healing.

“Young people in universities and colleges are faced with (the) problem of cultism,” Fr. Nyenyembe said and explained, “They (young people) are faced with psychological problems which needs healing and exorcism.”

“There was a clear understanding that sometimes the Catholic health practitioners face difficulties when they stand firm for their faith against abortion,” Fr. Nyenyembe said and continued, “It becomes difficult to stand for one’s faith once someone is aware that he/she will be left alone.”

“The conference has given a lot of knowledge to the church as a pastoral agent mandated by Christ to care for humanity. It (Conference) has offered inspiration not only to us as publishers but also to participants,” Fr. Nyenyembe the coordinator of Gaba publications CUEA press said.

“The participants are now well informed about the role of the Church that it (Church) should not only cure but also care. We need to combine both Cure and care,” he concluded.

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