“This country needs prayers to fight COVID-19, corruption, tribalism”: Kenyan Archbishop

Holy Family Basilica Nairobi Kenya.

A Kenyan Archbishop has, in a video message, invited the people of God in the East African nation to continue seeking divine intervention as they did at the beginning of COVID-19 crisis.

In the 2.06-minute video posted on Facebook Saturday, September 12, Archbishop Anthony Muheria of Kenya’s Nyeri Archdiocese further invites Kenyans to pray for healing from the virus of corruption and that of tribalism.

“When the COVID pandemic hit us, all of us were clear, we needed to pray and ask for God's intervention. You remember we got together with the president to pray for an end to this pandemic and so that we know how to fight it,” Archbishop Muheria says.

He adds, “People have been invited to pray but at one moment because public worship was discontinued for some time and somehow, we lost the momentum. We are now coming back to you all and saying this country needs prayers.”

“At the Holy Family Basilica, we have watched every Sunday masses being offered by various Bishops, by various Priests, as the sacrifice of Christ to His Father pleading on our behalf,” the member of Opus Dei recalls.


He underscores the need for continued and unwavering supplication saying, “Dear Kenyans, this country needs prayers to fight COVID-19. We need to be on our knees so that the Lord can touch us and heal us and lift us from this COVID-19 times.”

Kenya has recorded at least 36,157 COVID-19 cases, including 23,067 recoveries and 622 related deaths.

In July, members of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB), issued a statement inviting the faithful to intensify prayers for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Let us continue praying for this pandemic to come to an end through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints. Let us never forget that our help is in the name of God who made heaven and earth,” said the members of KCCB in their collective statement July 2.

In his video post September 12, Archbishop Muheria says Kenya needs healing from the virus of corruption and tribalism in what he calls “healing from within.”

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“We need prayers because this country is held hostage by corruption and this virus needs to be cured. As much as we need to cure the COVID-19 virus, we need to ask God to change our hearts and that of our leaders so that politics is service and not self-interest,” the 57-year-old Kenyan Prelate says. 

He further says, “We need healing from tribalism that on our knees alone can lift us and make us one live in the unity we sing in our National Anthem.” 

Archbishop Muheria hopes for a Kenyan society “where business is service and not just profit, where our hearts are big to feel mercy, and to share with those who don't have; and above all, we feel that God-sent servants used as his instruments to carry out the beauty of the conversion of this world into his kingdom.”

“Dear Kenyans, our country needs prayers and those prayers are your prayers and my prayers altogether. Let's be on our knees to pray that this country can experience a rebirth in Christ,” Archbishop Muheria who is also at the helm of Kenya’s Inter-faith Council constituted to guide the resumption of public worship in the country concludes in his video message.