“Forgive us Father,” Man Begs Catholic Priest while Robbing Parish in Nigeria

St. Augustine Parish in Makurdi.

A Priest ministering in Nigeria’s Makurdi Diocese has narrated how one of the men that robbed him in a morning raid kept asking for forgiveness for each item that was stolen.

Fr. Solomon Ukeyima, the Parish Priest of St. Augustine Parish in Makurdi within Benue State told Nigeria’s local media that the robbers invaded the Parish House around 2 a.m. on Monday, October 5 and took away several valuables.

“The robbers were calm throughout the operation. They kept begging for forgiveness. They did that throughout the period of the robbery,” Fr. Ukeyima was quoted by local media as saying October 5, hours after the raid.

He added, “I love the confidence and the calmness in them. One of them, for anything he picked, he would say forgive us, Father.”


According to the Cleric, the robbers whose faces were not covered appeared relaxed throughout the operation, and spoke good English.

Narrating the incident that lasted about an hour to local media, Fr. Solomon said that the robbers broke into his bedroom after shooting in the air and scaling the perimeter fence to the Parish House and the window to the Priests’ parlor.

He said that the robbers made away with proceeds of thanksgiving that had been given on Sunday by families, offertory, phones, selected footwear, sound system, and some drinks, amongst others.

Fr. Solomon said that he had already forgiven the robbers who he could not identify and asked for prayers for them to change from their evil ways.

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“I have forgiven them and I ask others to also pray for them. They are young people. There was one of them that was speaking impeccable English,” the Priest said, and added in reference to the robbers, “Let them make a complete U-turn and put to good use the talent that they have.”

Makurdi Diocese Director of Social Communication, Fr. Moses Iorapuu confirmed Fr. Ukeyima’s experience and said the Priest had reported the matter to police.

“The ones (armed robbers) he (Fr. Ukeyima) saw did not cover their faces. They asked him for dollars but he told them he did not have any, and so they took away the money they could find among other items. He has reported the matter to the police,” Fr. Moses said.

The Communication Director said that he did not understand the motive behind the raid where robbers were inflicting harm while asking for forgiveness.