Do “not just call for peace, back such calls with actions,” Cleric in Ghana to Politicians

Fr Sebastian Aduko, the Parish Priest of the Christ the King, Sandema of Ghana’s Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese.

A Catholic Priest serving in Ghana’s Catholic Diocese of Navrongo-Bolgatanga is challenging politicians in the west African country to walk the talk, matching their talk about peace with their behavior.

“Political leaders should not just call for peace, but should back such calls with actions. They must call out their members who misbehave and discipline them to serve as deterrent to others,” the Parish Priest of Christ the King Sandema of Ghana’s Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese, Fr. Sebastian Aduko has been quoted as saying

In the Thursday, November 5 news report, Fr. Sebastian who was speaking on the sidelines of the District Election Security Taskforce meeting notes that politicians have been calling for peace while they secretly incite violence.

The meeting aimed at bringing together members of the different political parties who are participating in this year’s elections to interact and foster collaboration with other stakeholders for peaceful polls. 

“We have been talking about peace, which is very good. Even the politicians preach peace, but I think most of it is just lip-service. Behind that call for peace, they insight youngsters, give them money and we are back to square one,” Fr. Sebastian says in the report obtained by ACI Africa. 


In the report, Fr. Sebastian further acknowledges that calls for peace are challenged by realities of unemployment and poor living conditions in the West African nation.

“It is not enough to preach and tell people to maintain peace,” he says and probes, “If people are frustrated, if they are hungry, they have no jobs and so on, what do you expect?” 

Despite the challenges, Fr. Sebastian goes on to say, members of the Clergy will “continue to appeal to the youth to be patient and abide by the laws of the country.”

He counsels the youth to restrain from the consumption of alcohol saying, “Most of them think that the best way to be happy is to go into alcohol consumption, smoking and other habits that are not good for them and for society.”

Fr. Sebastian also bemoans indecency among political leaders saying, “Most of them have no heart for the nation.”

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“I have to admit that politics in Ghana now is a big shame. There is no decency among most politicians. There is no truth, and everything is geared towards prosperity and greed,” the Priest serving in Ghana’s Diocese of Navrongo-Bolgatanga laments. 

Political leaders are destroying the country, Fr. Sebastian said explaining that politicians are interested in building “family empires” and enriching themselves.

General elections in Ghana have been slated to take place on December 7.

In August, Catholic Bishops in the country issued a pastoral letter reminding Ghanaians about their role in ensuring free, fair, peaceful and transparent elections.

“Dearly beloved fellow citizens, now, ensuring free, fair, peaceful and transparent elections, even in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a collective responsibility of all Ghanaians,” the members of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference (GCBC) said August 10.


GCBC members also cautioned members of the Clergy against engaging in “partisan politics.”

“The Faith Based Organizations and the Clergy should desist from openly taking part in partisan politics, from preaching predictions of election results, and from pronouncing prophecies of electoral results,” said members of GCBC in their collective statement August 10.