Strengthening of Charitable Activities in Mozambique can Alleviate Suffering: Bishops

Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique (CEM) have suggested strengthening charitable activities as a way to help alleviate the suffering of people affected by attacks in the Southern African country that is faced with protracted violence.

In their collective document bearing a nine-point strategy to mitigate the crisis circulated Friday, November 27, the Bishops make know their deliberations during 9 - 14 November meeting, which took place at the Inter-diocesan Seminary of St. Augustine of Matola.

The dire tragedy of Cabo Delgado in the country’s Northernmost province where attacks have displaced at least 200,000 people and affected more than 600,000 others through violence, kidnapping, crime and human rights violations as well as the global COVID-19 pandemic, were among the issues discussed.

“We express our fraternal closeness to our brothers and fellow citizens of Cabo Delgado,” the Bishops said in their statement, and added, “We want to express our constant prayer to them in the hope of finding ways of dialogue to facilitate an end to the terrible conflict and consequent humanitarian crisis.”

Signed by Bishop Lúcio Andrice Muandula of Mozambique’s Xai-xai Diocese who is the president of the CEM, the Bishops reiterate the need to strengthen the charitable institutions in the country in order to direct all their work in mitigating the drama in Cabo Delgado.


“The Holy Father has constantly expressed his concern and closeness through concrete gestures. Recently he decided to send an extraordinary donation as a result of his charity to the same displaced persons in the amount of 100,000.00 Euros,” CEM members say.

They emphasized the importance of education at all levels and addressed the urgency for national reconciliation.

What worried the Prelates as they shared in the document was how they can better serve society to achieve peace and the common good.

Present at the meeting was the Apostolic Nuncio in Mozambique, Archbishop Piergiorgio Beltldi, and Mons. Suman Anthony Paul, the new Secretary at the Nunciature.

In the presence of Minister of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs, Helena Mateus Kida, the Bishops expressed their willingness to collaborate with the government in various areas of social life.

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