Religious Leaders in Africa Congratulate Winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2019

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2019

As various people across the globe celebrate the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for this year, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, sending him congratulatory messages, the African Council of Religious Leaders (ACRL) has also lauded and celebrated the Prime Minister, known to be one of the African youngest leaders.

“This award has boosted efforts by peace practitioners and recognised the sacrifices, resources and prayers of Africa. We join the people of Ethiopia and Prime Minister Abiy in celebrating this achievement,’ the leaders said in a statement availed to ACI Africa.

“This recognition highlights his (Prime Minister) efforts as a regional peace and reconciliation champion and acknowledges the efforts of other actors in Horn of Africa, Eastern and Northeast Africa,” the African religious leaders added.

While his efforts toward achieving peace and international cooperation have been recognized, Dr. Abiy’s particular initiative to settle the protracted border conflict between his country and the neighboring Eritrea seems to have earned his the award, according to reports.

“Advancing shared wellbeing in this generation requires tangible steps that this and future generations can be inspired with. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been consistent and accountable to this mission,” religious leaders whose body is co-chaired by a Christian and a Muslim have stated.  


The 43-year-old Prime Minister who rose to power in April 2018 had desired to restore peace with Eritrea.

Awol K. Allo, one of those who nominated Dr. Abiy for the award, has highlighted some of the Prime Minister’s achievement since he took office saying, “he opened up the political space, released thousands of political prisoners, invited members of political groups previously designated as “terrorist organisations” back home, lifted the state of emergency, removed from office intelligence and army officers seen as complicit in the oppressive practices of the previous regime, sealed a peace deal with Eritrea, appointed a gender-balanced cabinet and took many other progressive steps.”

“The multi-religious bodies and faith leaders across Africa are proud of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and will continue to support his actions and those of other leaders in promoting a peaceful and just Africa,” the African religious leaders’ collective body, in which the Catholic Church is represented by John Cardinal Onaiyekan, concluded.

The Nobel Peace Prize was first awarded in 1901. Dr. Abiy is the 100th Nobel peace prize winner. He is expected to receive his award in December.