Clerics in South Sudan Encouraged to Remain Informed, Revise “Theology and live it”

Gabriel Cardinal Zubeir Wako laying hands on Bishop Matthew Remijio Adam Gbitiku of Wau Diocese during his Episcopal Ordination 24 January 2021

Catholic Priests in South Sudan have, at the celebration of the Episcopal Ordination of the Bishop of Wau Diocese, been called upon to keep updating their theological knowledge to be effective in their Priestly ministry among the people of God.

The Archbishop emeritus of Sudan’s Khartoum Archdiocese, Gabriel Cardinal Zubeir Wako made the call Sunday, January 24 while presiding over the Episcopal ordination of Matthew Remijio Adam Gbitiku.

“My dear Priests, brothers, a stupid Priest is a stupid Pastor; he cannot lead people. Keep updating yourselves; go back to your theology and live it,” Cardinal Zubeir said in his homily at St. Mary Help of Christians Cathedral of South Sudan’s Wau Diocese.

The Cardinal emphasized the need for good Priests in the country, which still has limited vocations.

“There are only a few of you here with the vocation yet there are many people you must serve,” the 79-year-old Cardinal who is a native of Wau Diocese said, adding, “I don’t want stupid priests in the Church.”


Hinting to the seeming divisions among members of the Clergy of the South Sudanese Diocese, the Cardinal urged the Priests to project a good image of the Church and to save the faithful from clashing over oppositional interests.

“You are staying in these houses of Priests not because you have no house to go to but because you are Priests, to lead the children of God, the people of God,” the Cardinal said.

He went on to reminded the priests of their importance in the proclamation of the gospel values.

“You have been chosen like an elder brother to be in their midst, lift them up,” Cardinal Zubeir said and added, “You will have your failures but you will be required to pick yourselves up and keep proclaiming the Gospel.”

“There is a time you say no, that is not what I was ordained for, that is not what I became a Priest for, and you get up, and when you rise up, all these people will rise up again,” he said.

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The Cardinal who will turn 80 next month added, “People are looking for Pastors, looking for Priests; Priests that have been ordained, Priests of God.”

“With this ordination, I am wishing every good wish that today be a day of resurrection for you and all these people. Let us open our hands and hearts to receive the blessing that God is going to give,” he said during the Episcopal Ordination.

Bishop Matthew Remijio, a member of the Comboni Missionaries (MCCJ) and a native of Wau Diocese was appointed a Bishop November 18 last year.

In an interview with ACI Africa on the day his appointment was made public, he said he was looking forward to a collaborative ministry.

“It is an appointment that is going to put me in direct contact with the local Church, giving me an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the people of God. I look forward to everyone’s contribution,” he told ACI Africa November 18.


He added, “Being called to work for the local church is going to be a real pastoral task. There are certainly going to be challenges and I look forward to facing them through the grace of God.”