“Together for New Africa” Initiative Ideal for All Nations, Schools: Panelists at Webinar

Screencapture of participants during the March 15 webinar organized by Global Compact on Education on Peace and Citizenship

Together for a New Africa” (T4NA), an initiative of New Humanity, an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) active in over 100 countries, has been presented as a model of education, ideal for all nations of the world as well as learning institutions. 

At the Monday, March 15 webinar, which the Global Compact on Education on Peace and Citizenship organized, T4NA members said that the initiative that seeks to empower African Youth to face key challenges by promoting and developing a culture of unity, is worth adopting.

“Together for a New Africa is the kind of program that should be adopted across the countries and continents. If I may say, it is actually the kind of program that should be adopted by schools and institutions,” Esther Wanjiru Kaburu told participants during March 15 virtual session.

The Kenyan-born T4NA member recounted her observations in previous encounters saying that while some young people are from African countries experiencing violent conflicts, they have been coming together for the past three years, sat together to discuss solutions for Africa at peace with each other and with hope and smiles on their faces.

“The discussions, reflections, presentations and orientation done at the Together for a New Africa summer schools is what I would call the right kind of education that speaks to the heart, transforms the minds, and inspires people to act,” Ms. Wanjiru added.


As a result of coming together, the native of Kenya’s Meru Diocese continued in reference to previous T4NA meetings, “Participants from various countries are now being involved in their communities through active participation. Some attest that the program has helped them find their voice and challenged them to take a leap in leadership.”

She further recounted the impact T4NA initiative has had in Africa saying, “One of our participants from Tanzania has been working with young girls to empower them and also presented herself for a member of parliament candidate, special seat for the youth.”

“Others are developing training manuals for junior schools and colleges and have been replicating the Together for a New Africa model to transform the minds of their fellow young people,” Ms. Wanjiru added during the March 15 webinar, which the Global Compact on Education on Peace and Citizenship organized.

When COVID-19 struck, she said, T4NA members in their respective countries “were at the forefront of spreading a message of hope and unity, sensitizing members of the community on the guidelines given by the World Health Organization, purchasing and providing sanitizers and facemasks, as well as stepping out to feed, clothe and give shelter to the needy during that time.” 

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“They showed the kind of leadership Africa and the world so badly needs; leadership inspired by the love of humanity,” the Communication and Branding Strategist added in reference to T4NA members.

T4NA is a 2014 initiative of students of and graduates from Sophia University Institute (IUS) in Italy's Loppiano "model village". Located in Fiesole Diocese, the village has some 800 Inhabitants from all over the world under the auspices of the Focolare Movement.

The initiative, which “has involved youth, institutions and networks in its elaboration” aims at training young African leaders to promote peace and unity on the continent, in line with the core values of the university as well as the mission of UNESCO and the African Union Agenda 2063.

“Our goal is to review the past and learn from history in order to understand what is favorable and avoid repeating the same mistakes,” T4NA member, Adélard Kananira, said in reference to their initiative during March 15 virtual event.

“Gladly today we are armed with many instruments that were not available at that time including access to information and communication technologies,” Mr. Kananira further said, adding, “It is upon us to use these means for good use, for the development of our countries and continent.”


The native of Burundi continued, “Africa is huge and rich in diversity, which can be an important resource rather than a cause of antagonism and war.”

“If we are able to develop a spirit of dialogue and interaction, we can achieve that,” Mr.  Kananira further said and added, “We firmly believe that empowering the youth and training them for leadership is urgent, secure and the best way of investing in Africa.”

Launched by Pope Francis in 2020, the Global Compact on Education, which organized the webinar, is an international, intercultural and interreligious pact aimed at fostering positive change on a global scale, so that education may become a creator of fraternity, peace, and justice. 

T4NA was one of four initiatives identified as "best practices" presented during the March 15 webinar.

Other initiatives included, Coordination of local peace bodies (Italy), Rondine Citadel of Peace (Italy), and UISG – Daughters of Mary Auxiliator – Vides Project (Global).

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Jude Atemanke is a Cameroonian journalist with a passion for Catholic Church communication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea in Cameroon. Currently, Jude serves as a journalist for ACI Africa.