Caritas Switzerland Official Urges Farmers in South Sudan to Increase Food Production

Logo of Caritas Switzerland/ Credit: Caritas Switzerland

An official of Caritas Switzerland in South Sudan has urged farmers in the East-Central African nation to increase food production in the present season.

Speaking during the Monday, May 24 closure of a seed fair event, the Program Manager for market linkages and income generation for Caritas Switzerland, Joyce Sebit, called on the participants to make proper use of the distributed seeds instead of consuming them and being left with nothing to plant for the next season.

“We (Caritas Switzerland) have distributed seeds and tools in Eastern Equatoria, to increase food production in your area. Do not eat the seeds that we give you, but please plant them for more production for the coming seasons,” Ms. Sebit told farmers in Ikotos County of South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria within the Catholic Diocese of Torit.

She added, “When you (farmers) produce your own seeds, you will be self-reliant in planting materials rather than relying on imported seeds.”

Speaking during the same seed fair, Masimina Ihuma, who is a mother of three children and a beneficiary of the Caritas Switzerland’s project said the project had helped turn her life around.


“This project has enabled me to produce enough food which I sold and paid children’s school fees,” she said and added, “I am very happy with this program, you need to continue with it.”

Another beneficiary of the seed and tool distribution project is Queen Achan, a widow who has been able to cater for her family through the provision of the seeds.

“We have journeyed with Caritas since last year. We cultivated our farms and then they brought us seedlings. This year, they added the component of seeds and we are benefitting immensely from it,” she said, and added, “When they (Caritas) brought this program, we found it helpful. Farming is very important for some of us who are suffering.”

Caritas Switzerland has been supporting the communities in South Sudan, particularly in the country’s Eastern Equatoria State since 1972.

This May, the organization prepared a seed and tool fair event in seven locations of Ikwotos town, Loronyo, Isohe, Lobira, Nakoringole, Lobwaye and Mohina center of Ikoto County.

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The seed and tool fair event that started on May 10 concluded on May 24 at Mohina center of Ikotos County, a region covered by South Sudan’s Torit Diocese.

The event aimed at enabling farmers trade their seeds and tools at a better and profitable value.