Catholic Association in South Sudan Distributes Facemasks to Keep Learners in School

Logo of the Mary Help Association of Christians (ADMA)/ Credit: Courtesy Photo

Members of the Mary Help Association of Christians (ADMA) serving in South Sudan’s Catholic Diocese of Wau have distributed facemasks to school girls to assist them in fighting COVID-19 while they remain in school.

Speaking to Voice of Hope Radio of the Catholic Diocese of Wau, Monica Elario, an official of the Association noted that the entity would also extend the distribution of the valuable items to the vulnerable women engaged in small scale businesses.

“Our activities are now starting with distribution of face masks to girls in different schools in Wau and also to the vulnerable women in the state,” Ms. Elario said Wednesday, May 26, and added, “Our activities are targeting vulnerable people who cannot afford to buy facemasks. Our aim is also to empower women in business.”

The COVID-19 prevention initiative has been funded by Women for Women South Sudan in Canada to help in fighting the pandemic.

At the distribution site in Wau on Wednesday, May 26, Fr Luciano Saya Ufo urged the faithful to support the association, noting that the members are offering services to communities.


“We need to stand with the Association for Saint Mary here in the Diocese. We need to support them with ideas because they are doing a lot of work for the vulnerable people,” Fr. Luciano said and added, “These facemasks now in the market are around SSP.500 ($1) and our vulnerable people cannot afford them.”

“People need to support this association so that they make more of these facemasks to reach many people,” the Priest said. 

Meanwhile, the Health Department of South Sudan’s Catholic Diocese of Rumbek in partnership with the Sign of Hope organization has distributed food items to needy people in Malou Village of Lakes state.

According to Good News Radio of Rumbek Diocese, the food items offered included maize flour, beans, cooking oil, salt and soap.

Sign of Hope field communication officer, Thomas Chol, said, “This is the second phase of the project activity in the area targeting the needy people in the Catholic Diocese.”

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“I believe the food distributed will improve the lives of people in our Diocese,” he said.

Area Chief, Joseph Akech, thanked the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek for providing the villagers with food and non-food items and appealed for more support, saying, “I wish those supporting you to assist us in increasing the food ratio in the next phase of the distribution because the food distributed is not enough for the vulnerable people in this area.”

This is the second time for the Sign of Hope Health Care Center to distribute food items to the needy through the health department of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek.

The Organization that is working to improve the human rights situation in South Sudan has partnered with the South Sudanese Catholic Diocese to launch a project in Rumbek Central Prison, where convicts and mentally ill people are provided with food and non-food items.