Salesians in South Sudan Lauded for Reaching out to Thousands of IDPs with Shelter Kits

Credit: Salesian Missions

A representative of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in South Sudan’s Rumbek Diocese has lauded members of the Religious Institute of the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) for providing shelter kits to over 50 thousand persons.

Speaking at a ceremony for the distribution of the kits at Bachock School in Tonj South County of Warrap state in South Sudan’s Catholic Diocese of Rumbek, Santino Wol Dut thanked SDB members for their charity towards IDPs.

“I am happy with the Don Bosco Fathers; we have benefited a lot and I thank the Priests for the charity work they are doing to us,” Mr. Wol said during the Monday, May 31 event.

He added, “We are also happy about the promise of a water facility; we will really appreciate the health facility to be constructed for us.”

Since March last year, IDPs have been occupying Bachock School in Rumbek Diocese following an intercommunal clash that left more than fifty people in the area homeless. 


A security official present at the May 31 event highlighted insecurity as a major factor preventing IDPs from returning to their respective ancestral homes.

“The only concern here is road robbery; there are robbers who loot people’s property on the road,” Mr. Aduot Aduot said, and added, “We really need the government to bring enough soldiers to safeguard the people living in Backhock IDPs camp.”

For three successive months, SDB members ministering in the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek have been reaching to IDPs, distributing plastic sheets, soap and salt, among other items that have so far benefited 57 households.