Catholic Sisters Facilitate Rebuilding of Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe’s Hwange Diocese

Tshongokwe Hospital which is being built by the Missionary Daughters of Calvary in Zimbabwe's Hwange Diocese. Credit: Catholic Church News Zimbabwe

Missionary Daughters of Calvary (MDC) Sisters have facilitated the rebuilding of Tshongokwe Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe’s Hwange Diocese in a new location after it was left in ruins following the “war of liberation,” Catholic Church News Zimbabwe has reported.

The Monday, June 7 report indicates that the Zimbabwean Catholic Diocese, which was reportedly hit hard by post war calamities, has been suffering great ordeal from lack of basic infrastructure, quality education and healthcare facilities with people travelling up to 60 kilometers to St. Luke Lupale for medical attention.

MDC Sisters had been engaging the local community, in meetings, on possible income generating activities. During one of those meetings, local leaders proposed the setting up of a health facility to save the residents the long travel to St. Luke.

“That is when our objective changed to provision of health services after realizing the needs of the local community,” Sr. Cecilia Mahlangu who is in charge of the hospital construction has been quoted as saying, and adding, “We then approached the Ministry of Health and Child Care who instructed us to build a hospital instead of a clinic since there is no referral hospital in the area.”

The referral hospital, which is still under construction, has been set 22 kilometers from the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway and will serve about eleven clinics and a population of 6,000 people from Sobendle, Mutshekwa, Tshongokwe, Maqaqeni, Buyu, Mateteni, Ngombane, Nganunu, Japiwa, Tiki and Mswibilili villages.


Within the hospital premises is also a Catholic Sisters’ Convent that was built as the first structure in 2017 before the first wing of the hospital was later constructed in 2018. The hospital first became operational in 2020 and acted as annex of Jotsholo clinic.

According to Sr. Mahlangu who is in charge of the hospital construction, structures that are yet to be completed at the health facility include kitchen, mother’s shelter, laundry and mortuary.

Once these structures are finished, she says, the facility will be ready for official inauguration.

“The male ward, maternity, consultation rooms, out-patient department and the children’s ward were in place together with the nurses’ house which is yet to be completed. The pharmacy department which comprises the dispensary, injection room, dressing room, laboratory and two storerooms is under construction and is set to be completed soon,” adds Sr. Mahlangu.

The project, which is being funded by Manos Unidas, Anigos and Cordoba among others, will be the third one in the Diocese after St. Patrick in Hwange urban and Kariangwe in Binga District.

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Alongside the hospital project, MDC Sisters are seeking to acquire Tshogokwe Primary and Nhlanhla Secondary School by submitting a request to the local community.

“Acquisition of the two schools which are within range of the former Tshongokwe Mission, will bring back the former glory of Tshongokwe with health and education as the two pillars of promotion amid advancement of human dignity,” the Sisters say in the June 7 report.  

Currently, the Religious Order has six Sisters staying in Tshongokwe with Sr. Christine Nkomo Makuyana in Charge of the hospital in an acting capacity.