Foundation for 3,000-Capacity Catholic Church Laid at Parish in Juba, South Sudan

Map of South Sudan. Credit: Public Domain

The Archbishop of South Sudan’s Juba Archdiocese has laid the foundation for the construction of a Parish church with an estimated sitting capacity of 3,000 worshipers.

Those behind the construction project say that the first attempt to lay the foundation for St. Kizito Catholic Parish of Juba Archdiocese some years back was unsuccessful owing to an inconclusive feasibility study.

According to the Parish Priest, Fr. Martin Ochaya Lino, engineers “found the stone to be too weak to hold the wall and the roof of the church.”

The new Church is expected to be built “in a very modern way like most others across the world,” Fr. Ochaya told ACI Africa Tuesday, June 8, adding that the laying of the church’s foundation lays the basis for donations towards the construction of the church.

Archbishop Stephen Ameyu laid the foundation of the church during his pastoral visit to the Parish on Sunday, June 6.


On the day, Archbishop Ameyu conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation to 285 children. 

Additionally, 150 children received their First Holy Communion during the celebration that also saw 17 widowed mothers who had been catechized receive their First Holy Communion.

Asked about the possible costs for the anticipated construction, Fr. Ochaya said, “We are not able now to communicate the actual budget it needs because we are soon going to have bidding.”

He added, “When we tell people the budget publicly, those who are going to bid will tune to that budget based on what we have communicated out and for that reason we are reserved to say.”

Explaining how the church building is expected to look like at completion, the member of the Clergy of Juba Archdiocese said, “We expect to see a dove-like Church with four rows in the middle of the Church, right from the altar to back, to one wing from the left with two rows each and then from the right side with the same two rows.”

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Fr. Ochaya expressed appreciation to those who had already started contributing towards the construction of the Church, saying that over 4 million South Sudanese pounds (US$8,700.00) had already been received.

The South Sudanese Priest said that there have been at least two attempts to lay the foundation stone of St. Kizito church but because of some technical reasons, the structures had been demolished.

He said, “We have now come out with a plan that has been approved by the former Archbishop late Paolino Lukudu. The plan has also been approved by the state ministry of physical infrastructure.”

Fr. Ochaya has called for support towards the construction of the church building saying, “We are reaching out to everyone in the country and outside the country to help us… I am also appealing to all well-wishers for support in the construction of St. Kizito.”

He added, “St.  Kizito, for nearly 37 years, has been without a good structure. Part of the delay without constructing a good structure was the war and maybe it wasn’t the right time yet but now we see it is time to build this church.”


“As it is not easy to build a church, we are not going to have it in one or two years. It will take a while but we will continue in a small way with the support of others,” Fr. Ochaya said.