CRS Set to Facilitate Research, Internship for Malawi’s Catholic University Students

The Official logo of Catholic Relief Services (CRS)/ Credit: Courtesy Photo

Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the U.S., is set to partner with the Catholic University of Malawi in an internship and research initiative aimed to benefit students.

According to CRS Malawi National representative Julie Idel who met with the leadership of the Catholic University of Malawi, the initiative aims to help students acquire practical skills in their respective fields of study.

"We already have a close relationship with the university, but we want to strengthen greater involvement with students in research areas and internships by involving them in the monitoring and evaluation of some of our programs that we are implementing in the country", said Ms. Idel.

In the Southern African nation of Malawi, CRS engages with local partners to facilitate programs in agriculture, emergency response and recovery, food security and livelihoods, health, nutrition among others.

It is envisaged that the new initiative would see research results that touch on national issues distributed in order to maintain the Catholic University’s importance as a center that offers quality education and training in Malawi.


The Vice Chancellor of the University, Fr. Dr. George Buleya has been quoted as saying that the students enrolled at the 15-year-old Catholic University are specializing in fields relevant to CRS initiatives in Malawi.

"The students of our faculties can help with the different skills they are learning. For example, we have students studying special needs education who can help in the implementation of assistance programs for people who have disabilities," Fr. Buleya says.

Meanwhile, the Director of Academic Affairs at the University, Fr. Wilfred Sumani, has highlighted some of the resources at the Catholic institution that operates under the auspices of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM).

"We have a center for environmental affairs, a management resource center and a center for socio-theological studies,” Fr. Sumani, a member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) says, and adds, “We are also in the process of renovating a Center for Legal Matters, which can offer help in the implementation of some development projects."

The Catholic University of Malawi has the mission “to contribute to the integral development of the nation through vocational training, academic courses and research activities that are tailored to meet critical needs of the nation and the Church.”

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“The institution is built on the bedrock Catholic education tradition that has shaped the academic landscape across the globe,” the website of the Limbe-based university indicates. 

Over years CRS has partnered with the Catholic University of Malawi to facilitate quality programs at the institutions of higher learning, with students from Malawi and neighboring countries among the primary beneficiaries.

The international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the U.S. has also engaged in activities that foster peace and cohesion in the Southern African nation and in the region.