Countering ICPD25: Abortion Extremists Using Vaccines to Control Population, Expert Views

Protesters holding placards in Nairobi against ICPD25 on the eve of the convention on November 11, 2019
Credit: Public Domain

As the controversial International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) was getting underway in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi to discuss, among other issues, “drawing on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development,” a bioethicist has disclosed that some groups in developed countries, including abortion extremists, are using vaccines as a means to control population in the world, including Africa.

“They (abortion groups) are using vaccines as a trojan horse,” Prof. Fred Nazar told ACI Africa Tuesday, November 12 in an interview and explained, “Inside the vaccines they are putting things that are not in the package leaflet and they are using this to induce natural miscarriages, which is abortion by another name.”

“These are evil plans to reduce population,” the Bioethicist warned in the interview on the sidelines of ICPD25 Pro Life side events.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the organizers of ICPD25 “are attempting to hijack the U.N.’s global population and development work to support an extreme pro-abortion agenda.”

Among the abortion extremists behind the Nairobi Summit “include the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Women Deliver, the U.N. Foundation and the Dutch pro-abortion fund She Decides.”

These groups, The Wall Street Journal has reported, “have already drafted a series of “commitments” intended to generate pledges from governments and civic organizations.”

On the African continent, Prof. Nazar told ACI Africa that abortion groups have particularly targeted the Central African region.

“There are many meetings that have been taking place that have Central Africa as the main target, why? Because Central Africa is the only region in the world, which has a growing population. The rest of the world with a few exceptions in Asia has a declining population,” Prof Nazar told ACI Africa in an interview.

In his presentation at the ICPD25 side events in Nairobi, Prof Nazar who is a Natural Family Award winner by the World Congress of Families noted that the scheduled 2020 London Gavi (Global Vaccine Alliance) replenishment summit aims at raising funds to support vaccination in developing countries, with Central Africa set to benefit from a whooping USD 8 billion worth of vaccines.

The pro-life activist who has been studying vaccines since 2008 revealed that in his native country of Argentina with “one of the most aggressive vaccination schedules in the world,” the government is using all means possible to have people undergo vaccinations.

Asked about Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV), which is currently being administered in Kenya amid controversies, Prof. Nazar, a Catholic, said the vaccine is unsuitable for administration to human beings on various grounds, key among them, its ineffectiveness.

“From my studies, the problem with HPV vaccine is that it is not effective because you have over 100 strains of HPV viruses and from those about 30 have been proven to be carcinogenic, so these vaccines eventually protect you from about two strains,” Prof. Nazar told ACI Africa.

Those promoting the HPV vaccine will claim that it “is effective because it takes away the two strains but you have the other 28 strains. So, the 28 strains occupy the niche of the previous virus,” the multilingual Prof. added.

In his considered view, the HPV vaccine also raises moral questions since the virus is a sexually transmitted infection.

He wondered, “Why would you give that vaccine to somebody who does not need it? If you have a Catholic moral life, you will never have a need for that vaccine.”

 Referencing data from the United States, Prof. Nazar also raised concerns over the safety of the HPV vaccine, which he said is one of the two vaccines with many reported cases in the US over adverse side effects, with the other being the flu vaccine.

“A study from the American College of Pediatricians proves that these vaccines cause Premature Ovary Failure (POF), which means ovaries of a 16-year-old girl stop producing eggs and look like those of a 60-year-old woman,” the bioethicist said and added in reference to women who receive the vaccine, “This completely destroys their ovaries.”

“It does not mean that all girls will become infertile, but it means that the vaccine will cause infertility is a significant number of girls. This vaccine should not be given to any girl or boy,” the Professor cautioned.

On the way forward on the use of vaccines given that some have drawn the attention of Catholic Church leaders, Prof. Nazar proposes a Holy See-sanctioned study on vaccines, to provide Catholics around the world with expert information about vaccines.

“Ask the Pontifical Academy for Life to make a scientific study on vaccines; we need a report from the academy and Vatican about vaccine contamination,” Prof. Nazar concluded.

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Father Don Bosco Onyalla
Editor-in-Chief, ACI Africa
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