Caritas South Sudan Provides Seeds to Thousands of Households, Plans for Training

Some beneficiaries of seeds and tools offered by Caritas South Sudan. Credit: ACI AFRICA

The leadership of the development and humanitarian arm of the Catholic Bishops in South Sudan, Caritas South Sudan, has provided a variety of seeds to at least 3,000 households in the East-Central African nation and plans to train beneficiaries of the initiative on subsistent farming.

“In light of COVID-19, this project was designed to address issues of COVID-19 because under COVID-19 many households lost their livelihoods especially in terms of earnings,” the Humanitarian Coordinator of Caritas South Sudan, Joseph Pasquale, said Tuesday, July 27.

The Caritas official who was speaking to journalists in Juba on the sidelines of the seed-distribution exercise added that the initiative aims “to address issues related to livelihoods whereby families don’t need big farms because they are in an urban setup.”

The families that received tomatoes, okra, onion seeds and hoes, rakes, among other tools are to be trained in subsistent farming, Mr. Pasquale said, adding, “We have what we call demonstration farms and we train people on how to grow the vegetables they have just received."

He further said in reference to the beneficiaries of the initiative, "In the next few days, we are going to start training them in the demonstration plot and so they will be part and parcel of the training.” 


After the training, the beneficiaries of the program will be expected to prepare their seedbeds, grow the seeds and share the seedlings with other needy families. 

Rehama Hassan, a beneficiary, expressed gratitude to the humanitarian and development arm of the Catholic Bishops in the country for the seeds and the agricultural tools.

Ms. Hassan said that the tools, in particular, would assist the residents of Munuki and Gudele to clear their compounds and make them safe from mosquitoes, which cause malaria.

On his part, Edward Lomude, another beneficiary, expressed gratitude for the donation and further appealed to the officials of Caritas South Sudan to provide them with gumboots to aid their free movement in the farms.