International Catholic Entity Demands Justice after Death of Two Sets of Brothers in Kenya

Benson Njiru Ndwiga and his younger brother Emmanuel Mutura Ndwiga. Credit: Courtesy Photo

An international Catholic activist organization has launched an online campaign to compel the government of the East African country to grant justice to families that have lost their members in suspected extra-judicial killings and acts of banditry in the country.

The suspected killing of two brothers who were reportedly in police custody in Kenya’s Embu County has attracted countrywide condemnation with the #JusticeForKinjokomaBrothers hashtag still making rounds on social media days after their burial.

Similarly, the killing of two brothers and their two cousins in a suspected revenge mission outside Kenya’s capital Nairobi has attracted mixed reactions under the topic, ‘Kitengela Four’.

In a petition addressed to Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary in charge of the country’s internal security, Dr. Fred Matiang’i, officials of CitizenGo Africa, a Catholic entity that uses online petition platforms to champion for family rights condemns the Kenyan government for what they describe as laxity in addressing the killings, which they say have become rampant.

“The last couple of weeks have been the most traumatizing in Kenya. We have witnessed young lives being buried after they were allegedly arrested and lost their lives in the circus,” Citizen Go says in their Monday, August 16 statement.


The organization adds, in reference to the two brothers who were killed, “A few hours later four other young men were murdered by what is alleged to be herdsmen.”

Benson Njiru Ndwiga and his younger brother Emmanuel Mutura Ndwiga were laid to rest August 13 in one grave at their Kianjokoma home in Embu after a funeral Mass that was held that was presided over by the Catholic Bishop of Embu, Paul Kariuki.

The two university students met their deaths on August 1 on their way home from a butchery they ran a few kilometres from Kianjokoma.

They were last seen under arrest for allegedly contravening the COVID-19-night curfew, only for their bodies to be discovered at a mortuary a day later.

In Kitengela, two brothers and their two cousins were attacked and killed after they were suspected to be thieves in what was said to be a revenge mission.

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Citizen Go Africa officials lament that no one has been brought to book to answer for the six deaths in what police claim to be “complicated cases”. According to the organization, the six deaths add to many others who have lost their lives mysteriously in Kenya.

According to the organization that exists to defend and promote life, family, and liberty, the inability “or rather the laxity” of the police and or the Ministry of Interior to bring to book the people responsible for the death of the young people “is the highest disregard to the right to life and justice.”

“The families of these victims are in pain, we have seen them wail and lose themselves in the dark reality but the question is whether at least they will get justice,” Citizen Go Africa officials say, describing the emotional reaction of the mother of the Kitengela brothers.

In their appeal for the signatures to force the government into granting justice to the families that have lost their loved ones, the Catholic social activists say, “Sign this petition and join the movement that is going to be fighting for justice and the respect of the lives of the Kianjokoma brothers and the Kitengela four.”

Their petition to Dr. Matiang’i is a call to the State agency to “act immediately” to bring to book the criminals responsible for the murders within three days.


“It is now days turning to weeks and months without anyone being brought to book for the Kianjokoma brothers and the Kitengela four. These Kenyan citizens were evidently murdered by criminals who are still free and enjoying their normal lives,” the officials of the organization lament.

They add, “The laxity in bringing criminals to books is leading to the disregard of the sanctity of human life despite this being enshrined in the constitution of Kenya as a human right. We call upon you to bring to book the criminals responsible for the murders within the next 72 hours. Kindly act immediately.”