Kenyan Lawmaker Awarded for Promoting Human Life, Says He’s “motivated to go further”

Mr. Chris Wamalwa, a Kenyan Catholic Lawmaker, receiving the St. Mother Teresa Award. Credit: Chris Wamalwa Facebook

The Kenyan Member of Parliament (MP) who received an international award for his effort in pro-life activities has told ACI Africa that the international recognition motivates him to do more to promote human life. 

On Monday, August 30, Hon. Chris Wamalwa, the MP of Kenya’s Kiminini Constituency in Transnzoia County, received the St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Award for the Protection of Life at the just concluded International Catholic Legislative Network (ICLN) conference.

“I did not expect to be awarded. It came as a surprise. I thought my colleagues in other parts of the world were doing better than me globally. I’m motivated to go further,” Hon. Wamalwa told ACI Africa Tuesday, August 31.

According to the Kenyan legislator who chairs the Catholic MPs Spiritual Support Initiative (CAMPSSI) in Kenya, he received the award from the AY Foundation because of his efforts in championing pro-life matters in the National Assembly. 

“We are in a global village and they monitor the contribution of Catholic legislatures in public and in parliament, the laws that you bring and support. That is how it (award) came up,” he said and recalled the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) in 2019 during which he worked with other like-minded MPs to oppose the event's ideologies. 


In the interview, Mr. Wamalwa told ACI Africa that his motivation advocating for pro-life values comes from his Christian faith. 

“As a Christian, I get motivated that for us to bring a just and moral society, we must start with families," he said. 

The Kenyan father of three added, "Families are breaking, involved in immoral activities that are not in line with Biblical teachings.” 

He continued, “We have seen issues of family values being watered down. Family is the smallest unit in a society and it gives a reflection of the bigger picture. For me, if there is good upbringing, it will also inculcate values that will promote a good society.”

“Once family values are motivated, it will contribute to the bigger picture of the society," the Kenyan MP said, and added, "Family drives the do’s and the don'ts. If we let families get destroyed, we will destroy the society; we will destroy the nation and we will destroy the future. This is where I get my motivation from.”

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“As Catholics, there are many things that go against our teachings. I believe in the teachings of the Church and Christian teachings. I know that if we inculcate these values in the families the society will be good,” said the native of Kenya’s Kitale Diocese.

Besides championing pro-life laws in Kenya’s Parliament, Hon. Wamalwa highlighted other activities in which he is involved, including addressing “Young Christian Students whenever I'm invited.”

“I am a member of the Marriage Encounter and together with other people, we share experiences, provide guidance and counselling,” the Kenyan lawmaker added.

He further told ACI Africa that he is not ashamed of his Catholic faith as it helps him in making informed decisions.

“I am not embarrassed to be a Catholic. The Catholic faith has given me a conscience especially when making decisions,” the second-term MP of Kiminini said, and added, “As an MP, my key objective is to make laws that have an impact in society.”


“The Catholicism in me has helped me to speak without fear or favor and to pass laws that are in line with the Christian doctrine, laws that help shape the society,” he said.

The Catholic lawmaker encouraged his colleagues in the East African nation to push for legislations that foster religious values. 

"As parliamentarians our key objective is to enact laws. Let us pass laws in line with religious teachings for the purpose of having values in our society," he said. 

Hon. Wamalwa went on to urge the media to publish news that promotes good values in the society. 

"Sell news that will promote a just and moral society. You are driving the agenda. Let us see headlines about moral values," the Kenyan Catholic lawmaker said during the August 31 interview with ACI Africa.

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