Missionary Work “must continue” after Closure of Mission Month: Catholic Priest in Malawi

Fr. Innocent Chiwanda, the Pastoral Coordinator for Malawi’s Zomba Diocese. Credit: Episcopal Conference of Malawi

The closure of the Mission Month of October does not mark the end of the missionary work because “Church is Missionary in nature”, a Catholic Priest ministering in Malawi has said.

In a Tuesday, November 2 news report, the Pastoral Coordinator for Malawi’s Zomba Diocese “made a call to the faithful to commit themselves and continue with the mission of Christ” even as the Mission Month came to a close.

In continuing the mission of Jesus Christ, Fr. Innocent Chiwanda said, there is need “for Christians to collaborate with each other in proclaiming the Gospel through different apostolates and charity works.”

Fr. Chiwanda who was speaking at St. Vincent de Paul-Katamba Parish in Zomba Diocese during the National-level closing of the Mission Month continued, “Though the Church is closing the Mission Month of October, the mission must continue because the Church is Missionary in nature.”

The Catholic Priest who represented the Bishop of Zomba Diocese at the event explained, “By virtue of baptism, every Christian is a missionary; let’s empower each other to go out on various missionary assignments and work harder than before for the Gospel to reach far and wide.”


Meanwhile, in his speech during the closure event, the Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) in Malawi applauded the people of God in Katamba Parish for “being receptive and ready to learn about missionary spirit.”

“We expect that after this event, the community here has to live the missionary spirit with commitment; they should burn with missionary zeal; they should give themselves totally to the mission of the Church through prayers,” Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa has been quoted as saying.

“Before this event, we had little knowledge about mission and its importance; but now we have fully understood the meaning and importance of mission in the Church and how we can participate in the same,” Mrs. Chavula has been quoted as saying in the November 2 news report.

The news report also indicates that, “She then promised to join hands with her fellow Christians and continue with the missionary work through good deeds.”

Cecilia Chavula, who spoke on behalf of the faithful, said Katamba, being a new Parish, has benefited a lot in terms of understanding what mission is all about.

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