Christian Entity Decries Negligence of Nigerian Orphan Injured at State Facility

Children from the Du Merci Children's Home. Credit: Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)

Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a UK-based human rights organization, which specializes in religious freedom all over the world, is calling on owners of an orphanage in Nigerian to seek treatment for a boy who sustained first degree burns on the face, hands, and legs after the facility caught fire in December last year. 

Moses Tarfa was among 27 children seized and placed in the Nasarawa Children’s Home after the privately-owned Du Merci Centre orphanages in Kano and Kaduna States were raided by security officers in December 2019. Du Merci’s co-founder, Prof. Solomon Tarfa, was arrested during the raid.

In a November 9 report, CSW officials claim that children from the Du Merci Centre are being mistreated at the Nasarawa Children’s Home on account of their religious beliefs. 

According to CSW, minors at the facility have also not been permitted to leave the premises to attend their schools or church. 

“CSW is especially concerned by reports that Moses Tarfa has not received adequate treatment for injuries suffered in a home he never should have been in the first place, and that another of the children may have contracted hepatitis,” says CSW Founder President, Thomas Mervyn.


Mr. Mervyn adds that the removal of the children from the Du Merci orphanages was “deeply distressing for them, and the continued separation of these minors from the only family they have known is causing further trauma.”

A source who spoke to CSW said the Kano State government has failed to keep the children at the Nasarwa Children’s home safe. 

The source says, “If Moses had not been harmed, the risk to other children in Nasarawa Children’s Home would not have come to light.”

In the report, Mr. Mervyn laments about the State government’s failure to uphold the children’s rights. 

He says, “When the children were relocated to the Nasarwa home, the Kano State government said it would care for them yet it continues to restrict their rights to education, religion or belief, and family life.”

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Moreover, Mr. Mervyn says, “The terrible burns suffered by Moses and the other young boy illustrate that they are in fact at risk of harm.”

CSW Founder President calls on the Kano State government to bring to an end the ordeals of the Du Merci children by returning them to their home. 

He also calls for “urgent investigation into the wellbeing of all of the children in the Nasarawa Children’s Home to ensure safeguards are put in place to prevent any recurrence of this shocking incident.”

Magdalene Kahiu is a Kenyan journalist with passion in Church communication. She holds a Degree in Social Communications from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). Currently, she works as a journalist for ACI Africa.