Proposed Malawi’s Ex-Seminarians Association to Foster Participation in Church Initiatives

Bishop Peter Musikuwa at the meeting that deliberated on the formation of Ex-Seminarians Association in Malawi. Credit: ECM

The Catholic Church in Malawi is contemplating the formation of the country’s National Ex-Seminarians Association to bring together former seminarians whose role in Church development has been described as key.

In a Friday, November 26 report, Bishop Peter Musikuwa of Malawi’s Chikwawa Diocese said that ex-seminarians fit well in the Church and that the birth of their association will help foster their role in Church initiatives. 

“Ex-seminarians are key people in leadership and development of the Church. We understand that each seminary has an alumni association; however, operations of those associations lack a monitoring mechanism,” Bishop Musikuwa said at the first ever meeting of alumni of all the seven Minor Seminaries in Malawi.

He added, “If this Association is approved and launched, we expect it to help provide a platform whereby ex-seminarians from all the alumni associations will share ideas on how to develop their former Seminaries, Dioceses and relationship between themselves.”

The local Ordinary of Chikwawa Diocese who doubles as the chairperson of the Pastoral Commissions of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) said that some ex-seminarian associations were doing well in their Dioceses while others were not.


The meeting, which was held at Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mtima Woyera Catholic Parish in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe was attended by representatives from all the Minor Seminaries from all Catholic Dioceses in the Southern African country.

Also discussed in the meeting was the draft constitution and possible guidelines for the association, which will be presented to the Bishops' Council in February 2022 for scrutiny and approval.

Speaking at the same occasion, John Bande, an Alumnus of Sacred Heart of Jesus Mtima Woyera Minor Seminary in Chikwawa, said that the meeting was aimed at connecting and bringing together all the seminarians for the greater good of the Church.

“We have come together to connect all ex-seminarians and to help build strong Diocesan ex-seminarian associations, to support development policies in Seminaries and in the Catholic Church in general,” Bande said.

He added, “We have individual associations in all the seven Dioceses; now we thought it better to come together as a national body so that we can support our church better, so that we encourage individual associations in coming up with development projects in those individual associations.”

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According to the report, the National Association of ex-seminarians will only accept membership from those who are already registered with the alumni associations of their respective Seminaries.

Members of the association would be the alumni from Pius XII in Blantyre Archdiocese, St Paul the Apostle in Mangochi Diocese, St. Theresa of The Child Jesus Mlale in Lilongwe Archdiocese, Sacred Heart of Jesus Mtima Woyera in Chikwawa, Nankhunda in Zomba, St Kizito in Dedza diocese, and St Patrick's in Rumphi which represents Mzuzu and Karonga dioceses.