Stand Up for Justice for God’s People, Catholic Archbishop in Malawi Urges Priests

Priestly ordination of Deacon Thomas Msalala at St Paul's Minor Seminary in Mitundu in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe. Credit: Fr. Francis Damaseke/ECM

The Catholic Archbishop of Malawi’s Lilongwe Archdiocese has called upon Priests under his pastoral care to stand up and fight for justice for the people of God and also to be near to the suffering masses in the Southern African country.

In his December 11 message at St Paul's Minor Seminary of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, Archbishop George Desmond Tambala urged the clergy not to shy away from denouncing injustices in the society.

“I urge Priests to choose for themselves models from within the Church, and not outside, so that they stand up for justice for the people of God,” Archbishop Tambala said December 11 on the occasion of the ordination of Deacon Thomas Msalala.

The Malawian Archbishop who was installed October 27 as the Local Ordinary of Lilongwe Archdiocese said that Priests should “get angry with injustices” on humanity and should also consider it as a serious issue.

Addressing the newly ordained Priest who was assigned to minister at St. Andrew Kaggwa Parish of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, Archbishop Tambala advised him to stand up for the truth and also work to bring souls to salvation.


“Your priority responsibility is to bring souls to Christ. Life shall definitely not be all roses. But always remember this day (of your ordination). It will remind you of your commitment to God,” Archbishop Tambala told Fr. Msalala.  

Speaking at the same occasion, Fr. Kennedy Malemia made remarks on behalf of the Diocesan Priests and welcomed Fr. Msalala in the fold of members of the Local Clergy. 

Fr. Malemia expressed concern that the Archdiocese of Lilongwe had only managed to produce one local Priest in the whole year of 2021, but was hopeful that the young men will be inspired by the ordination ceremony to join the Priesthood.

Addressing the issue of social justice in Malawi in a recent statement shared with ACI Africa, officials of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) in the Southern African nation said that the governing bodies' ignorance of the well-being of the people is an insult to the Christian Faith.

“The existence of social injustices perpetrated, tolerated or neglected by those governing is an affront to the foundations of the Christian faith. Failure by the majority of Malawians to afford basic needs is inimical to the social and economic development of our society; a real threat to the sanctity and essence of human life,” CCJP officials said in their December 8 statement.

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The CCJP officials attributed the injustices and economic challenges in the country to what they called poor and indecisive leadership saying, “The citizens’ anger is fueled by the general perception that the country lacks decisive leadership.”