Ongoing Plenary of Catholic Bishops in Malawi Addressing “current practices” in Liturgy

Logo of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi/ Credit: Courtesy Photo

Catholic Bishops taking part in the Annual Plenary Assembly of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) are deliberating on emerging practices in Liturgical celebrations in the Southern African nation. 

In a press release shared with ACI Africa Monday, January 31, the secretary General of ECM, Fr. Henry Saindi, says the Catholic Bishops are reflecting on the “current practices in the liturgy of the Church.”

ECM members are also weighing in on spiritual formation in the country with the view of addressing existing gaps, especially in the formation of candidates to the Priesthood.

“The meeting among other things will discuss matters pertaining to Priestly formation in Spiritual Formation Centers and Major Seminaries,” Fr. Saindi says in the January 31 press release, which he shared with ACI Africa.

The ECM Secretary General adds, “The meeting is deliberating on progress and status reports from the Catholic Secretariat’s Pastoral, Social Development, Finance, Investments and administration Directories together with Pontifical Mission Societies.”


The Apostolic Nuncio in Malawi, Archbishop Gianfranco Gallone, is expected to join ECM members in some of the sessions of the Plenary Assembly that is taking place at the Catholic Secretariat in Lilongwe.

The Catholic Bishops are also deliberating on the status and progress reports from various Catholic entities in Malawi, including national and ecumenical bodies.

The five-day Plenary Assembly set to conclude on Friday, February 4 seeks to enhance the spirit of pastoral collaboration within the sub-regional Conference of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, an initiative that has compelled ECM members to invite Archbishop Ignatius Chama of Zambia’s Kasama Archdiocese. 

The Local Ordinary of Kasama Archdiocese who doubles as the President of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) is expected to make a presentation on sustainability of Major Seminaries in Zambia.

In the press release shared with ACI Africa February 1, ECM Secretary General says the Bishops will be reviewing the roadmap for the hosting of the sub-regional conference of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe in Malawi as well as the roadmap for Functional Review of the Catholic Secretariat.

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ECM members are also reflecting on governance reports to address Malawi’s social-economic challenges, with a focus channeled on development projects for the Catholic Secretariat alongside other national institutions under the auspices of Catholic Bishops in the country.

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