Catholic Hospital in Kenya to Be Named after Missionary Nun Who Died in Road Accident

Late Sr. Sunita Conceicao Eusebia Colaco. Credit: Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate (FSI)

Itando Mission Hospital of the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega in Kenya where Sr. Sunita Conceicao Eusebia Colaco served until her death in a road accident is to be named after the Indian-born Catholic Nun, Bishop Joseph Obanyi Sagwe has said.

Bishop Obanyi made the announcement during the Funeral Mass of the Nun and said that her spirit and faith will remain with the people of God in the mission hospital and the community.

“I now say that this mission of hope will take the name of Sr. Sunita. Her name, her spirit and her faith will be here to inspire us and the generations to come of the great things God can do for his servants like Sister Sunita,” the Local Ordinary of Kakamega Diocese said.

Sr. Sunita served as a nurse at Itando Mission Hospital until February 23 when she died in a road accident along Kenya’s Kisumu-Kakamega Road.

The member of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate (FSI) of the Kenya-Uganda delegation was born on 22 October 1972 in India’s Catholic Archdiocese of Goa and Daman.


Bishop Obanyi condoled with the family of the missionary Sister and said that she traveled from far to Kenya and that she had left behind not just a legacy but a treasure of faith that will inspire generations.

“Her name will remind generations to come, children, young people, women, families that there is something good we can do. Sr. Sunita came from a very far country. We did not know her; she did not know us but she came and she served and she has left us not just a legacy but a rich treasure of faith,” the Kenyan Catholic Bishop said.

He urged the community and the staff of the mission hospital to be the sign of the faith and legacy left behind by Sr. Sunita.

The Kenyan Catholic Bishop said that accidents happening in the East African country especially at the spot where Sr. Sunita met her death is alarming.

He called upon the leadership of the Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) and other relevant authorities that deal with roads to take full responsibility for the safety of travelers.

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“Those responsible, KENHA, the police, and the government, we all need to take responsibility in ensuring the safety of the people,” Bishop Obanyi said.

He added, “KENHA needs to act fast, not only here, but in many other places. It is very unfortunate that very many people who are going about their businesses to serve the nation have to meet death of that kind just because those who are responsible are not taking action.”

The Kenyan Bishop who has been at the helm of Kakamega Diocese since his Episcopal Ordination in March 2015 urged motorists to put the safety of their passengers first over profits and to respect other road users.

He said that road security and safety is both a personal and collective responsibility, adding that those who are entrusted with ensuring availability of good roads carry a maximum responsibility of ensuring the safety of road users.

“There is individual responsibility, but there is also collective responsibility and above all, there is responsibility upon those who have been entrusted with this work of ensuring good roads, safe roads and safe traveling of all the people,” the 55-year-old Catholic Bishop said.


He called upon the government of the East African country to look into the country’s “accident hotspots'' and not to wait for another accident in order to take action.