Remind Tanzanians “from time to time” about Christ Peace: Vice President to Faith Leaders

Tanzania Vice President, Dr Philip Mpango. Credit Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC)

Tanzania’s Vice President has told religious leaders in the East African nation to never give up on preaching about the need for peace in the country, particularly peace that “our Lord Jesus Christ left us”.

Dr. Philip Mpango who was speaking at the Eucharistic celebration to mark Bishop Method Kilaini’s Golden Jubilee of Priesthood also urged religious leaders to instill moral values among Tanzanians and spearhead efforts towards conserving the environment.

I urge our religious leaders to remind us from time to time about the importance of the peace that our Lord Jesus Christ left us, to pray for the country and all leaders,” Dr. Mpango said at the end of the Saturday, March 19 celebration held at Mater Misericordiae Cathedral of Bukoba Diocese. 

He said that religious leaders have a big role to play in keeping peace. 

Dr. Mpango called on Tanzanians to “uphold the existing peace and unity which is very important. Without peace no development can be achieved.”


The Tanzanian Vice President also urged faith leaders to be at the forefront in instilling morals in the society, and added, I ask the leaders of all religions to continue to raise the nation morally." 

Religious leaders, he went on to say, "should not get tired of teaching and nurturing young people in good morals and values."  

In instilling moral values to young people, Dr. Mpango said religious leaders need to focus on victims of moral decadence, and added, "Focus on the youth because they are the biggest victims of immorality."

Young people need to be morally upright because the nation needs good leaders in the future, the Tanzanian Vice President further said.

He also urged religious leaders "to speak out about sanitation, protection and environmental protection."

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"God has given us the best of the world and has given us the right to care for it. I ask you to lead the faithful and encourage you to preserve the ecology by protecting forests and water sources, planting trees and adhering to cleanliness," the Vice President of Tanzania said. 

He commended the Catholic Church for the development projects initiated in the East African country saying, “I would like to thank the Catholic Church for supporting the government's efforts and making a significant contribution to the well-being of our nation, both economically and socially.”

“The Church has been able to deliver social services to various parts of the country, to those that the government has not been able to reach, especially to those in rural areas and those living in poverty-stricken areas,” Dr. Mpango during the March 19 event. 

He further said, “Citizens have access to good health care and education, especially ordinary people, orphans and children living in difficult situations.”

“In Bukoba and other provinces, the church is engaged in development issues including youth and women's groups, good agriculture. These activities help a lot of people out of poverty. God bless your good works,” Tanzania’s Vice President during Bishop Kilaini’s golden jubilee of Priesthood on March 19.


Magdalene Kahiu is a Kenyan journalist with passion in Church communication. She holds a Degree in Social Communications from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). Currently, she works as a journalist for ACI Africa.