Catholic Bishop Urges South Sudanese Refugees in DRC to Foster Unity in Tribal Diversity

Bishop Alex Lodiong Sakor Eyobo of South Sudan's Yei Diocese. Credit: Courtesy Photo

The Catholic Bishop of Yei Diocese in South Sudan has called upon South Sudanese refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to go beyond their tribal differences, and to foster unity among themselves.

Addressing South Sudanese refugees at the Aba refugee settlement camp in DRC on August 9 during his pastoral visit, Bishop Alex Lodiong Sakor Eyobo said, “You came here from different tribes in South Sudan; you need to stay in unity because here you become one people.”

Bishop Lodiong who had earlier visited Mere refugee settlement camp added, “If you continue with this unity nothing evil would come and separate you here in DR Congo, because if you are not united, something bad will easily enter among you, and if it happens, it will disorganize you so much.”

“If there are bad people among you here, you should identify them immediately to know that this is a bad person,” the South Sudanese Bishop said. 

The Local Ordinary of the South Sudanese Diocese that borders DRC encouraged the refugees to live their faith in fostering unity among themselves. He said, “We should work together to stop discrimination in the Church.”


“Discrimination that has destroyed our country should not be in the Church; so, you need to have one heart as the people of God,” the 51-year-old Catholic Bishop who started his Episcopal Ministry on May 15 emphasized.

He continued, “You are warmly welcomed in this country by the citizens; so, you should not do anything bad in this country because you are here to seek a peaceful place.”

“You should take the good things from here and leave the bad ones here when you are going back home,” Bishop Lodiong told the South Sudanese refugees in DRC said, and added, “You came here peacefully, you should go back peacefully.”

He underscored the need to live by the truth and the value of listening, saying, “If someone is telling you something true you should listen because this is the right way for you to get good things ahead but if you are not listening you will not get good things in the future.”

I want to tell you that God has given people different things in life; we should not see other people who are doing whatever God has given to him or her with a bad heart,” the South Sudanese Catholic Bishop further said.

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