Salesians in Equatorial Guinea Offering “skills for stable employment” to Young Mothers

Vocational training for young mothers of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea: a schooling and reintegration project for adolescent mothers. Credit: Salesian Missions

Members of the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) in Equatorial Guinea are offering formal education and other “skills for stable employment” to young mothers in the Central African nation.

In a Tuesday, November 22 report, SDB officials say the “Vocational Training for Young Mothers in Malabo" program running at the Salesian institution in the capital of Equatorial Guinea is important because the country's laws prohibit young mothers from attending school.

“The program caters to young women who had to drop out of school early because of pregnancies, those who were forced out of the home by their parents or those with children who are not recognized by their fathers,” SDB officials say.

“This program is particularly important because laws in Malabo prevent pregnant young women and young mothers from attending school,” they say, adding that the 30 young mothers, among them those who are pregnant, have enrolled in the program.

SDB officials say that without the education, the young women “would remain in a system that stigmatizes and punishes them while restricting them from gaining the skills for stable employment.”


In the November 22 report, the Director of the U.S development arm of the SDB, Salesian Missions, says the “program provides young women an opportunity for education when they have been denied an ability to gain these skills.”

“Without an education or any skills for employment, young women are not able to care for themselves or their children,” Fr. Gus Baek is quoted as saying.

Fr. Baek adds, “The skill they are learning will not only improve their lives but ensure that their children’s basic needs are met and that they too can go on and gain an education, having a solid start in life.”

The young mothers’ program is supported by Don Bosco in the World Foundation (Don Bosco Mondo), an arm of the SDB whose aim is to promote support, and develop Salesian works and missions across the globe.

This story was first published by ACI Africa on 25 November 2022.

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