Catholic Bishops in Chad Urge Youth to “never use violence to solve problems”

Members of the Episcopal Conference of Chad (CET) during a press conference to present their Christmas 2022 Message. Credit: CET

Catholic Bishops in Chad are cautioning young people in the North-Central African nation against violence, urging them to “never use violence to solve problems”. 

In their Christmas 2022 Message shared with ACI Africa Monday, December 12, members of the Episcopal Conference of Chad (CET) highlight the challenges the youth in the country face, and urge them to keep their hope alive.

“Dear youth, we know that you desire a just, united, and prosperous Chad. But your legitimate aspirations are continually repressed and stifled,” CET members say in their collective message dated December 9. 

They further tell the you in Chad, “Do not be discouraged. Trust in God who does not disappoint and trust in yourselves.”

“Never use violence to solve your problems. Seek the path of non-violence. Cultivate the values of brotherhood, unity, truth, courage, hard work, and progress,” the Catholic Bishops say, and add, “As the Word of God teaches us, do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” 


In their Christmas 2022 Message, CET members invite parents to “transmit the values of honesty, love, truth, and respect for others” to their respective children.

They call for the creation of places of encounter and education in neighborhoods, Parishes, and schools to accompany young people.

In this way, the Catholic Church leaders say, parents will allow their children to grow together in respect for their “regional, ethnic and religious differences and to build the common future of the human family.”

In their 37-point message titled, “Journey Together in Truth,” Catholic Bishops in Chad deliver a word of hope and encouragement to other stakeholders in Chad.

To members of the civil society, CET members say the stance some have taken “demonstrates a clear desire to defend the rights of workers, consumers, and the poor in Chadian society.”

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“As socio-economic problems worsen, we ask you to continue your actions. Continue to mobilize against the high cost of living, impunity, and the lack of democratic change,” Catholic Bishops in Chad say.

They further urge members of the civil society to fully assume their role as development leaders “by being an independent civil society, credible and hopeful for the future of the Chadian nation.”

In their Message, CET members urge Chadian politicians to “always put the general interest of the nation first.”

They invite members of Chad’s Transitional Council to “listen to the voice of men and women, coming from the roots and not only from your entourage.”

To members of the international community and countries that are friends of Chad, the Catholic Church leaders say their interventions “must be carried out in order to accompany the Chadian people towards sustainable development by fighting against bad governance and injustices that are sources of insecurity and terrorism.”


The interventions of the international community, CET members further say, “should not stop only at the level of those in power, but also at the level of the suffering people.”

The Catholic Bishops invite the people of God in Chad to pray for “truth, justice, and brotherhood to come to our country.”

“May the Child Jesus, the rising sun, illuminate our new paths, our synodal path, and that of the political transition in Chad,” CET members implore in their December 9 message.

Jude Atemanke is a Cameroonian journalist with a passion for Catholic Church communication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea in Cameroon. Currently, Jude serves as a journalist for ACI Africa.