Deregister in Kenya “abortionist cartel, pouring a lot of evil money”: Catholic Activists

Credit: CitizenGO

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), an organization established “to ensure people are free to make choices about their sexuality and well-being” is pouring a lot of money into African countries to support pro-abortion programs on the continent, Catholic activist foundation, CitizenGo Africa,  has said.

In their petition launched on Friday, March 3, the members of CotizenGo want IPPF, which they describe as an “abortionist cartel”, deregistered in Kenya where it is headquartered, and its programs stopped in Africa.

“There is a scramble for Africa and it is not by the right players. The largest abortion cartel in the United States – International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has camped in Africa and is pouring a lot of evil money,” CitizenGo Africa says.

The movement of Catholic activists who advocate for the promotion of family values describes IPPF as an “abortion giant”, noting that the federation has been running pro-abortion programs in the name of “health programs” in various African countries.

“IPPF has been pouring a lot of money to fund pro-abortion laws in various African countries and needs to be stopped,” CitizenGo Africa says, and adds, “It is also perturbing that their headquarters for Africa are in Nairobi.”


IPPF Africa Region (IPPFAR) describes itself as a provider of “a strong and resolute sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) advocacy voice in the region.”

In its just-ended program dubbed, “Mes Droits, Ma Sante, Mon Avenir -3M”, translated from French as “my rights, my health, my future”, IPPF spent 899,996 EUR in Niger, Chad, and Burkina Faso to empower adolescents and youth on their “sexual rights”.

IPPF described the project as one that “seeks to contribute to the reduction of gender inequalities through the empowerment of youth and the technical strengthening of local feminist CSOs towards the transformation of gender norms in favor of the sexual rights of adolescents and youth.”

Some 2,299 people were reached in the project. These included 1,374 girls and 925 adolescent boys and young people, who were reportedly sensitized “on unwanted pregnancies, family planning, STIs, HIV/AIDS, and contraception.”

In the just-launched petition, CitizenGo Africa appeals to the NGO board in Kenya to de-register IPPF in order to stop their alleged pro-abortion campaigns.

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They also want the IPPF Upperhill offices in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, closed.

Agnes Aineah is a Kenyan journalist with a background in digital and newspaper reporting. She holds a Master of Arts in Digital Journalism from the Aga Khan University, Graduate School of Media and Communications and a Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics, Media and Communications from Kenya's Moi University. Agnes currently serves as a journalist for ACI Africa.