Catholic Charity Foundation Boosts Catechists’ Pastoral Work in Zambian Diocese

Credit: Mpika Diocese

The Catholic Diocese of Mpika in Zambia, with the support of the Pontifical and Charity foundation, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) International, has purchased bicycles and motorcycles to support Catechists in their pastoral duties. 

In a Wednesday, March 22 report, the Diocese announced that the 114 bicycles donated to the Catechists serving in the Zambian Diocese add to the motorcycles purchased at the end of 2021 with support from ACN.

And at the Tuesday, March 21 presentation ceremony, the Vicar General of Mpika Diocese expressed gratitude to ACN for the support towards the purchase of the bicycles, which he said is a reliable means of transport for pastoral agents.

“Catechists play a significant role in the mission of evangelization in the church, especially in Africa, where its history would be incomplete without making mention of catechetical involvement,” Fr. Vito Milandile said. 

Fr. Milandile added, “Over the years Catechists have done a commendable job in communicating Christ, in implanting the faith, and in bringing the transforming and regenerative power of the gospel into the lives of the people of God.”


Language barriers, and rough terrain, are some of the challenges that make a Priest's ministry sometimes difficult, making the role of Catechists invaluable in many places in Africa.

In his speech during the presentation of the bicycles, Fr. Milandile recalled how Catechists were right-hand men and women when they accompanied the Clergy for pastoral work during the time of expatriate missionaries in Zambia.

During the March 21 event, Bishop Edwin Mwansa Mulandu of Mpika Diocese acknowledged the pastoral role of Catechists and assured them of his constant prayers and support in their work saying the fruits may not be visible today but will surely manifest in due course. 

Speaking at the event, Catechist Association Representative, Stephen Chipasha, thanked Bishop Mwansa for being a good shepherd and implored him to continue helping and empowering Catechists in their pastoral engagements. 

“To date, Catechists are very instrumental in the munus pastorale (pastoral ministry). They help to prepare the people of God via Catechesis before the celebration of the sacraments; they take care of the sub parishes, and they conduct prayer services, among many other pastoral duties,” Mr. Chipasha said.

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