Kenya’s Christian Professionals to Start Constitutional Review Process to Protect Families

Credit: Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF)

Members of the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) are to start a constitutional amendment process aimed at clarifying “ambiguities” in Kenya’s Constitution of 2010 that they say are being exploited to undermine Kenyan “moral and family values”.

In a statement published May 13 during the 2023 March for Life, KCPF members who attribute the threat to family values to “a liberal foreign ideology” that is seeking to normalize Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer or Question (LGBTQ) tendencies in the country speak about the process toward their “Linda Jamii Bill” (Community Safeguarding Bill).

“We have consulted church leaders and we have resolved on commencing the process of amending the Constitution,” KCPF members say in their two-page statement dated May 12 and signed by their chairman, Charles Kanjama

They say, “We are launching a 3-month public participation phase for our draft Bill, Linda Jamii Bill, on proposals to amend the Constitution and clarify ambiguities in the document being misused to push a liberal foreign ideology that attacks and undermines our moral and family values.”

They add that the February 24 Supreme Court decision that gave LGBTQ supporters the right to form associations is one of the ways Kenya’s laws have been misinterpreted to champion homosexuality.


The Supreme Court’s decision, KCPF members repeat their March 25 warning, “opens the way to the gradual dismantling of our legal, moral, and cultural prohibitions against homosexual behaviour, which is so destructive of the individual, families, communities, and the nation.” 

The foreign LGBTQ ideology has targeted various sectors in Kenya, including film and media, education, judiciary, and faith-based entities among others, KCPF members lament, and add, “Our children and our youth are already battling the insidious glamorization and normalization of LGBTQ lifestyle.”  

“Our laws are being continuously undermined by targeted disobedience through tactical flaunting of LGBTQ lifestyles,” they further lament, adding, “Our churches and religions are under consistent pressure from both within and without to cave into LGBTQ ideology.” 

KCPF members would like that all stakeholders “interpret and implement laws within the Kenyan context while paying keen attention to the moral and cultural values of Kenyans generally, which are carefully constructed to protect the natural family through laws that prohibit all aspects of homosexual conduct and its propagation.”

“The family is the oldest institution that has its origin from creation. In creating Adam and Eve (one man and one woman), God ordained them into a permanent union, the consequence of which was procreation and the growth of the human race," they say.

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KCPF members add, "According to God's design, family is supposed to be a source of comfort and support for the human person. It ought to be a place where love, encouragement, care, and commitment by every member to others abound."

KCPF members say every person ought to fight for the family as they were born into one.

In their statement dated May 12, the Christian professionals in Kenya highlight additional threats to the family described in Article 45 of the Kenyan Constitution as “the natural and fundamental unit of society and the necessary basis of social order, and shall enjoy the recognition and protection of the State”.

They say that “divorce and separation, domestic violence including homicide, (and) infidelity” constitute other “serious threats of our time … with pervasive consequences.”

KCPF members call on other Kenyans to engage them in the public participation phase of their “Linda Jamii Bill” via email:


In their March 25 statement, KCPF members vowed to reinstate the “culture of life and family”.

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