“Spare no effort”: Pope Francis to International Community on Pushing for Talks in Sudan

Pope Francis. Credit: Vatican Media

Pope Francis has urged the international community to “spare no effort” in pushing for dialogue between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to bring an end to war in Sudan where he says “situation continues to be grave”.

The Holy Father who was speaking after the Regina Caeli prayers Sunday, May 21 prayed for peace in the Northeastern African nation, and renewed his “heartfelt” appeal to the parties in conflict to lay down their respective arms. 

“I renew a heartfelt call for the laying down of arms and call on the international community to spare no effort to make dialogue prevail and alleviate the suffering of the people,” Pope Francis said about the war in Sudan that broke out on April 15.

The Holy Father added, “It is sad, but one month after the outbreak of violence in Sudan, the situation continues to be grave.” 

More than one million people have reportedly been displaced in Sudan as fighting continues, Reuters reported on May 19.


The Reuters report further indicates that some 843,000 people have been internally displaced and that another 250,000 have fled to neighboring countries. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the U.S. mediating the peace talks between SAF and RSF in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia have announced the May 20 signing of a seven-day Agreement on Short-Term Ceasefire and Humanitarian Arrangements effective the night of May 22.

The short-term ceasefire, according to the report by the U.S. State Department, may be extended with the agreement of the two parties in conflict. 

The report further indicates that RSF and SAF representatives “have conveyed to the Saudi and U.S. facilitators their commitment not to seek military advantage during the 48-hour notification period after signing the agreement and prior to the start of the ceasefire.”

Silas Mwale Isenjia is a Kenyan journalist with a great zeal and interest for Catholic Church related communication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, Media and Communication from Moi University in Kenya. Silas has vast experience in the Media production industry. He currently works as a Journalist for ACI Africa.