In Evangelizing, Foster Unity: Catholic Bishop to Catechists in South Sudanese Diocese

Bishop Emmanuel Bernardino Lowi Napeta of South Sudan's Torit Diocese. Credit: Torit Diocese

The Catholic Bishop of Torit Diocese in South Sudan has underscored the value of oneness in evangelization, and called upon Catechists to foster it. 

Bishop Emmanuel Bernardino Lowi Napeta who was addressing Catechists on May 21 during his pastoral visit to Kuron Peace Village in his Episcopal See recognized the role of Catechists in the ministry of preaching the Gospel, and urged them to take it as a calling from God. 

“Unity is paramount because you are the leaders our congregations will learn from,” Bishop Napeta told the Catechists, and added, “When there is unity, there will be unity among the entire community we serve because we will act as an example to them.”

Unity among the people of God, he said, has the positive value of reducing “the burden on the Parish Priests when doing Church services”.

The 49-year-old Catholic Church leader who was Consecrated Bishop of Torit on January 15 reiterated the role of Catechists at the grassroots, saying they play the “role in disseminating the word of God in the community.”


He highlighted some the challenges pastoral agents in his Episcopal See face, including inadequate supply of catechism books, lack of training, and having to conduct liturgical events under trees, and promised to find ways of resolving the challenges.

The South Sudanese Catholic Bishop urged the Catechists he was addressing to take their ministry as “a vocation”, and added, “We need to continue with our work evangelization despite challenges because it’s a call from God to serve others.”